PS4 graphics concern with Deep Down

By Alan Ng - Sep 18, 2013

We are starting to see Capcom produce gradual teases for their next big project Deep Down, which is under development at the moment as a PS4 exclusive for 2014. After wowing audiences in February during the PS4 reveal, you may have taken an interest in the noticeable graphics change as new evidence of the game emerges.

This week, Capcom has released some new imagery from the online RPG – presumably as an appetizer for the game’s premiere gameplay at the Tokyo Game Show. While we think the visuals on offer are lovely, it appears that some of you are actually disappointed – stating that the game looks worse each time after seeing it.

Considering that we are still in the early development stage, we think this is a little harsh on Capcom as it could be many months before we see the game out in 2014 and don’t forget that they are working on a brand spanking new next-gen engine.

Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono has taken to Twitter this week to reveal some pictures of the game in action, once again giving us a reminder that Deep Down is going to feature a heavy emphasis on dungeon exploration and dragons.

The graphics look fine to us

The graphics look fine to us

The Tokyo Game Show starts on Thursday so we should find out a lot more about the game and hopefully the first details on the main plot and which characters are involved.

Based on the new images that Ono has shared, would you agree that a little shine has perhaps been taken out of the game from what we first saw of Deep Down?

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  • seeafish

    It looks brilliant IMHO… But I must admit the February showing had a whiff of pre-rendered to me!

  • Kasif

    Which said the graphics are bad? Haven’t heard or read anything like that.

  • OMGitsSexyChase

    game looks sick

    • Clate


  • Thomas McBrearty

    But this is far from finished (Are people that ignorant?) What was shown in February will probably be what Capcom will aim to achieve on the PS4..

    How can gamer’s judge low-resolution screenshots so early on…?

    • Clate

      I cant wait for this!