iOS 7 download time clarified in UK

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 18, 2013

We have already explained the iOS 7 release time for both the USA and UK, although this hasn’t stopped a number of people waking up this morning and sharing incorrect information on Facebook about the UK iOS 7 download time. These people are using the social network to help out friends and family, which are wondering when the software update will launch.

One Facebook user stated, “The iOS 7 download time in the UK is going to be about 10AM, I know this as it has been stated on many blogs”. Another added, “This is strange, I thought iOS 7 had a release time of 10AM for Pacific Time”.

These comments were followed up with a number of Facebook posts along the lines of, “both of these people cannot be correct, there is an 8 hour gap in time zones between GMT and PDT”.

Today, we just wanted to clarify things a little if you are one of Product Reviews UK readers. If you are hoping for iOS 7 to be live for download at 10AM, London time, then you will be disappointed.

Nearly every year you would have seen the latest iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch software update arrive around 6PM UK time. We don’t expect anything to be different in 2013, so you should expect to see the iOS 7 download release around 6PM UK time.

What are you looking forward to most from the iOS 7 features? Please share a comment when you see the download live and in what location with a time. You should not expect to see AirDrop on iPhone 4 or 4S, and this is thanks to that feature be reserved for iPhone 5 or later and newer iPads/iPods.

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  • Madman

    When is the IOS7 going to be released in the uk mk iv been waiyting for soo long now

  • Bea

    I am downloading it right now! Sweden!!! 😀

  • swimthechannel

    6pm come and gone.. no UK download yet

  • Henry

    6pm in UK, then what’s the launch time in Australia???

    • senada

      3am on thursday

  • Kevin

    Everyone knows its 6pm in uk…well not everyone I guess, but that’s how it’s been last few years.
    I’m pretty looking forward to playing around with iOS 7 it may take me away from Gta v lol