iOS 7 download causes server problems

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 18, 2013

The iOS 7 download has gone live and along with it a few problems it seems. We have had reports of server errors and messages stating iTunes is unable to check for update, so we thought a quick look at our iPhone 5 and 4S was in order to see if the server problems are still there when trying to update to iOS 7.

Apple made the iOS 7 download live around one hour ago as we predicted and it is normal to get server issues considering the amount of iPhone users around the world trying to update all at once.

The problem is that these server problems are still happening over an hour after the iOS 7 download went live. We just tried to get the update onto our iPhone 5 and received this message, “There was a problem downloading the software for the iPhone. An unknown error occurred (9006)”.

You are then recommended to check your network settings and also to see if your home network is active, or to try later if everything is fine. We chose the latter option, and this is thanks to it being obvious Apple is having server problems while millions try to download iOS 7.

Have you experienced server problems when trying to download iOS 7, or did your update go smoothly? If you did receive an error, did you have a similar Apple error number to us?

We will keep trying, although some people might find it better to try when everything calms down a little. If your iOS 7 download went without any problems, then we would love to know what part of the world you are in, so share a comment below. Our errors came from both London in the UK and NY, USA. How about you?

Update: One of our readers said that the update has slowed to around 5 hours remaining on a 64Mbps connection, another said “2 Hours remaining on a 250Mbps connection”. The demand has really slowed down the download time.

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  • JayC

    My wife downloaded hers last night & is extremely unhappy with the way it looks & functions. I haven’t upgraded mine yet, but after looking at hers, I don’t want to. The graphics are ugly, it’s hard to find a background that will actually look nice, the battery usage time dropped dramatically. Apple really blew this one!

    • mike j

      I’ve had the same issues. Not as bad on the iPad 3, but extremely bad on the iPhone 5. I’ve also had issues w/ calendar events on icloud not showing up on either device, even though it shows that calendar as active in settings.

  • Marley

    Same problem. A day later, and still not able to download and install iOS 7. I’ve been trying all day. Maybe it will be better at 2 A.M.? Don’t know if I will be able to stay up that late. This is ridiculous.

  • mAnU KaZiiiii

    Three attempts,Same problem here, dam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Olivia

    Successfully downloaded iOS 7 on my iPhone 5 in 45 mins. Started the download at 12:15 CST (Memphis, TN USA)

  • nicola

    iphone 5 in the UK, had iOS 7 within 30 mins! including install. was lucky and started downloading when it first appeared at 5:55pm!

  • bob

    why cant apple invest more on the servers so they wont have problems

    plus my ipodtouch5gen is having errors but it is 0x80090304 error

  • dan

    can’t connect to apple server!!!! in london

  • Chriswiggles

    Can’t install it, server can not update???? 4hrs

  • Maddie G

    I have an iphone 4s, tried Downloading through itunes- got this message when it was almost done updating. My phone froze and returned to factory settings! SO very upset.

  • Shaheer

    Same error and number as yours. India.

  • Lukas

    Netherlands, download time at 30Mb/s – 1h
    Activation – stil trying…

  • Amanda

    I have a 4s. 3 hours into the release and I can’t get past the unable to search for update error

  • jimmy

    3 hours later I have it working, to much time. It looks very good

  • Scott

    CANNOT ACTIVATE AND I’M PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lowkoh

    Got the update on my iPhone 4S in Baltimore, MD about 10 min. to 1PM. Still haven’t been able to update my iPad 2 though.

    • Lowkoh

      I am assuming I beat the rush by starting the download before 1 PM lol

  • jimmy

    GST Yo say the only true, We can live another day without it…. Know I have lost a lot of time and it still installing by 30 minutes and I can´t call or use my phone….

  • haole

    i downloaded successfully and installed. now my phone wont activate.have tried itunes dfu restore. still wont activate. “your iphone could not be activated because the activation server cannot be reached. try connecting your iphone to itunes to activate it, or try again in a couple of minutes.” yea, tried updating through itunes too. i get an itunes store error.

  • GST Esq

    Three attempts, I give in. I’m sure I can live another day without it…

  • Pooja

    I was able to download it but once I went to install it it gave a message saying the update is unavailable at this time. I’ve tried several times now but it’s not working. I guess I gotta wait my turn in line… so frustrating!!

  • Kenny

    I was getting the same error in iTunes, and also got a similar error when I tried it over the air on the iPhone. Unfortunately, retrying means restarting the download from zero. About 2:30 hours since the release now, and I finally managed to get a complete download in iTunes.

  • SofaJockey

    It will all be fine, but Apple just invited a load of people to the party. It will be crowded around the door for a while. My download says 8 hours but I’m not sitting here watching it…

  • jimmy

    Know is intalling, like you say apple server must be full

  • jimmy

    the problem know is that it does not install, said verify actualisation, and breaks. lol

  • Alyssa

    Probably my 50th time trying. I just keep hitting try again but I’ve still had no luck. Been at it for about 2 hours now. I just want the update already -_-

  • Indiana Hugh

    Update worked smoothly on iphone 5, my son seemed to be doing ok on his 4. All good so far in the UK.

  • Matt

    20:08 in the UK (+2:08) and getting “9006” errors, often after ridiculous “25 hours remaining” messages. I’m on a fast connection. Given Apple’s billions of dollars, it seems a bit cheap they can’t prepare themselves properly for this.

  • Eric

    My iPhone 5 froze half way through after several attempts to Hard Reset that didn’t work I’ve had to restore from DFU Mode. Now it cannot activate the phone because the server is too busy or down, I’ve been trying for 2 hours!

    • Daniel

      Same problem here, been trying to activare my 4s for half an hour.

  • Vic

    In Buenos Aires I tried a lot of times!!!!!And got an error trying from the iphone itself or by itunes… after 2 hours of trying looks like It is finally working… let see what happens!

  • jimmy

    you have to come to Buenos Aires, argentina it takes 40 minutes to download. Must be because in Argentina are not to much iphones. jajaja

  • Maria

    Minnesota, U.S.
    On my fifth attempt, and I keep getting the same error message.

  • Uzzy

    I’ve been trying since 6.40pm uk time to no avail.

  • Danny Dodge

    No OTA showing on iPhone 4S with iOS7 GM – can’t connect to iTunes with the GM version installed either.

  • Ben O

    On my third attempt now down here in Australia. Seems to be the most promising so far.

  • Chenna

    In India I just tried and got the same error message…!!!