Bowers & Wilkins P7 review acknowledges price problem

By Peter Chubb - Sep 18, 2013

Bowers & Wilkins changed public opinion when they released their P5 headphones back in 2010, and with the support of Apple allowed them to be marketed as perfect headphones for Apple users. The market was getting very boring and the release of the P5 with its mix of aluminum, chrome and leather really showed what was possible.

However, that was 3 years ago and now that we are in 2013 B&W needs to rethink things yet again, and the P7 has recently been unveiled by Bowers & Wilkins. Much of the technology inside is the same as the P5, but it’s the outside where we see the biggest change.

The P7 is now the flagship model in the Bowers & Wilkins headphones line, and what makes these so special is that these are an over-the-ear design, something we have been waiting ages for B&W to release.

Even though much of the technology is the same inside, the P7 does offer more dynamic range, deeper bass, more detail, richer sound and an overall improved build quality than the P5.

These Bowers & Wilkins P7 headphones offer a tight seal without pressing too hard against your head. Overall, these P7 headphones are a very impressive set of headphones, but there is a huge amount of competition in this market. A recent Bowers & Wilkins P7 review acknowledges the price could be a problem because they cost $400.

It is for this reason why we would suggest you read the full review from iLounge to see if they are worth it or not. The problem is, there are some great over-the-ear headphones on the market for a much cheaper price, such as the Street by 50 Cent, although we don’t believe they offer the same kind of build quality.

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  • jazz1

    I not so sure there is a “price problem”. After owning the P7’s a week I can say that the price point seems right for headphones that are built so well out of premium materials. The performance of these headphones both un-amped and amplified also justify the extra $50.00 or so over the competition’s offerings. I also own the P5s and I can say after a couple years of use they are still going strong. If you are someone that enjoys beautifully made things, and plan to keep your headphones awhile, then the P7 hits the sweet spot in price and sound. I know I’ll probably get slammed for saying this, but these cans are the BMW and/or Mercedes of the headphone world. I can think of no other portable that combines such good sound and solid design and construction.