Anticipated Bentley Falcon SUV vs. Range Rover performance

It seems everyone and their dog wants in on the lucrative SUV market, because we already knew Bentley were looking into one, and so was Rolls-Royce and the latest to want a piece of the action is Jaguar, who made their attentions clear during the Frankfurt Motor Show.

However, it is the upcoming Bentley SUV we are interested in today because there are some bold claims coming from those in charge, as they believe it will be a contender to the Range Rover, in fact they say it will be better.

These are certainly bold claims for the Falcon, which is what the Bentley SUV is rumored to be called. It is clear the main target is the Range Rover and looking at the performance of the upcoming Bentley SUV, and if we are to believe some of the proposed specs, then this will be one powerful SUV.

The Bentley Falcon is not the best looking SUV
The Bentley Falcon is not the best looking SUV

The engine is expected to be a choice of V8 and later down the line a hybrid option, although Autoblog has heard that a 12-cylinder is likely at first and could produce around 575 – 650 horsepower, which will know doubt return some good performance figures. That is not all, there will also be a four, five and seven-seat configurations.

While this all seems good, it does come at a cost, because the Bentley Falcon SUV price is expected to be around €180,000, that’s double the price of a top-end Ranger Rover. Okay, so we know that Bentley is luxury, but they do not have the experience like Land Rover does in the SUV market.



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