FIFA 14 graphics beauty with slow-mo video

Following on from our earlier FIFA 14 article which confirmed the official soundtrack list for the game, we now switch our attention to the graphical improvements that EA have made for the game. FIFA 14 looks very easy on the eye and to give you an example, we bring you an excellent video showing some of the beautiful animations in slow-motion.

FIFA 14 is due to be released on September 24 in the US and September 27 for everyone else in Europe. We have a feeling that most of you are still playing the demo endlessly for a heads-up on the game before release, but have you noticed how good FIFA 14 looks compared to FIFA 13?

The graphics have certainly been an area of improvement compared to last year and how we give you the chance to really see the visuals up close and personal in a more intimate affair. The video posted above courtesy of the FIFASoccerBlog shows a slow-motion experience of FIFA 14 that you wouldn’t have seen before, even going into detail to show you some of the close-up facial models of players – like Manchester City’s goalkeeper Joe hart for example.

We also have to mention how perfect the music is with this particular clip. Those who have seen the film A Beautiful Mind may recognize it as one of the soundtracks in the movie.

No love lost between these two
No love lost between these two

It’s also worth pointing out that these graphics are likely to be enhanced further when playing FIFA 14 on the highest settings – you can get a preview of that here.

Is FIFA 14 head and shoulders above PES 2014 yet again, or is it a closer battle this year? Enjoy the video above and let us know what you think.



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