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PS Vita 2 vs original shows screen differences

We have some more feedback on the recently announced PS Vita 2000 system now, Sony’s upgraded handheld which offers a lighter and thinner body, but at the expense of a downgrade to LCD display compared to the original which rocks a gorgeous OLED-based display.

Visual material has emerged over in Japan, giving us the first opportunity to see how the display quality compares between the two models and in turn – giving you the perfect heads-up to see just how good (or bad) the LCD screen is.

The image we have to show you lets you see what Uncharted Golden Abyss looks like on the two models. The current PS Vita is obviously at the top of the shot, while the newer PS Vita 2000 with an LCD screen is featured at the bottom.

As you can clearly see, the difference in quality is evident to see and the OLED shines through undoubtedly with more crispier visuals compared to the new model. We also have to point out the apparent yellow ‘tint’ on the PS Vita 2000, which may become an issue for consumers if we see more evidence of this in future screenshots.

For a further example, we’ve included another image below which shows the differences between the new PS Vita and the old one on the title screen of RPG Ragnarok Odyssey.

How important is OLED to you?
How important is OLED to you?

Once again, the quality of the OLED screen shines through with a much crisper screen compared to the newer model which shows a significant change in colors.

Is this a big deal for you or not? Hardware purists may not be able to live this one down, but others may just pick up the new model due to the fact that it is lighter and thinner which you can’t argue with. Let us know what side you are on.



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