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iPhone 6 with killer solar features

Whenever we see job listings for companies we surmise they are a good indication at what a company is planning for future products, and that is just what we believe with the latest Apple listing. And going on this assumption we have a feeling the iPhone 6 could come with killer solar features.

On the Apple website there are several job listings, and one of them is for someone to have thin film deposition technology experience, this could either be solar industries or semiconductor processing.

The successful candidate will be part of the applications within the R&D process, and not development. The applicant will need to have experience in other key areas, all of which are explained on the Apple website.

However, we can tell you that solar is mentioned twice in the posting, and while this is not proof that Apple is working on a solar powered device, it does make you wonder why they would be looking into such a thing?

There have been rumors of a solar-powered iPhone in the past, and just maybe the iPhone 6 will be it. While we should not get too ahead of ourselves here, there is a good possibility this technology will be implemented onto the 2014 iPhone because it is said to come with a larger display, and so will have a larger surface area, ideal for adding solar technology.

Back in February we reported that Apple was granted a patent for solar technology for use on a portable device, and while this is just another patent to add to Apple’s ever-growing list, seeing a job listing that could make use of this technology does make you think.

Solar technology has come a long since being used on our calculators all those years ago, and we could see an iPhone 6 with solar features beneath the display, which will mean it can gather energy far easy than having a silly panel to the rear of the handset.

However, we could be way off here and the job listing could see the successful candidate putting his or her skills into Apple iWatch R&D instead, because this device could also make use of solar technology.



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