GTA V download problems on PS3

By Alan Ng - Sep 16, 2013

The long awaited launch of GTA V is almost upon us and for PS3 users looking to pick up the digital version, the party has already started. GTA V on PS3 is available for pre-load on the PlayStation Store, but it appears that many of you have been running into long downtime times as a result of the expected server hammering.

Originally, the pre-load of GTA on the PSN was due to start on Saturday September 14. However, Sony and Rockstar sent out word that this would have to be delayed until Monday September 16 instead due to some issues – which obviously didn’t go down well with fans considering that GTA V is a whopping 18GB download.

Fortunately, some of these issues were cleared up and pre-loading of the game could actually start on Sunday afternoon, as confirmed by a Tweet from Sony below. This obviously prompted everyone to jump onto the PS Store at exactly the same time and it looks like Sony are having problems keeping their servers steady in wake of the heavy traffic.

We’re hearing feedback from you that downloads are only on 10% despite already having started the download for hours. Even worse, we hear how one user had to restart the 18GB download completely after 64% when the console became unresponsive – we’ve seen this happen during BF3 DLC downloads many times.

With the game launching in retail stores on Tuesday, this isn’t exactly the type of service that digital buyers would have expected. At the very least, consumers will want the download to be completely finished by the time Tuesday comes around, but it may not be possible for a lot of you if the slow download times continue.

How are you getting on with your GTA V pre-load at the moment? Have you been experiencing long load times in your area or not?

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  • 7mo6

    Im having the same issue here , my download keep restarting , its really annoying sony have to fix this problem or refund us !

  • Mark

    me to 1 try download stop on 25% – download error info
    2 try 14 % and download auto reset, staro on 0%
    now super speed 50 mb on 1h 46min

  • Alice Rasmussen Braute

    when will this be fixed D:? i really want to play u.u first i guessed it was somting wrong with my PS3 but then i google GTA V download problem on PS3 and i see this u.u

  • will I ever play GTA5

    Download was at 98% (after 30+ hours), speed had picked up. Went to the shop, cooked some food, came back to my PS3 and the download has restarted. 1%. The file is nowhere to be found.


    • Cmon2

      Same here on the restart. Restarted at 0% from around 80% last i had checked it.
      What’s more is that the HDD free space still went down about 15GB, so looks like the previous download is still there on the damn disk.

      • shea

        i had same problem it taking up space on th HDD but couldnt find where it saved to any ideas on how to delete or where it would of saved to

  • Cmon :(

    all stores in my store were sold out. So I bought it in the ps store.. but if I knew the download would take like 4 days or so.. wtf it’s downloading for 10 mins now and still at 0%.. and I got a really good internet connection..

    Working my ass of all day looking forward to the evening.. and now I even won’t be able to play it..

  • ALI

    Guys ive downloaded the game its still not letting my play it even though its Tuesday morning! Says “The content is not available before the start date (8002951E)” any thoughts?

    • Mathias

      Same here. Trying for the Third timer.

  • Lewis Enright

    Shouldn’t ps+ should have started the pre-load automatically on availability? Because it didn’t for me. I just started my download about a 1/2 hour ago and I’m at 6% :'(

  • Bobby Lambeth II


  • Fred

    BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… PSN does it again. Did anybody actually think their wretched network could handle the immense increase in traffic? I’ve got my DVDs for my Xbox. I’ll be finished with the game before you PSN jerkoffs finish your download. Wankers!

    • Chris

      Fred. Have you ever got laid?

      • Fred

        Have you grown hair down there yet?

  • Admir Karalic

    What I don’t like about PSN, is Downloading takes forever when you have mild internet connection and then you need to install the game, last time it took me 1 DAY to download BF3 but took me also more then 2 hours to install it :S, I can’t imagine with a 18GB download :S. I wish the PS4 won’t have this issue, like XBOX once it’s downloaded it’s also installed on the HDD and you can play it RIGHT A WAY !

  • ssaw wehttam

    Any ideas why its not showing up on my PSN store to preload? 4PM EST but no preload option to download

  • thezooniverse

    Still cant install it!!!

  • Sindre Høyland

    Download was a bit slow at times and also the system had to be restarted due to lack of response. Still, I am all set now!

  • gta v

    i keep getting 80029564 when i try to install

  • Tony

    Still cant download in nyc 🙁

    • Tommy Gunz

      Wanna join my crew GRAPESEED GORILLAZ ps3 only

  • lorelai4cuties

    I already pre ordered mine at PSN US store i hope it run smoothly ..i dont mind if take 2 days download cuz im pretty busy this week so all good ^_^

    • Tommy Gunz

      Wanna join my crew GRAPESEED GORILLAZ

      • lorelai4cuties

        Sure .. Add my ID Cutetobetrue

        • Tommy Gunz

          Got u right now are you on rockstar social club if not you should sign up

        • lorelai4cuties

 not in rockstar social club *never heard it be4*..i will sign up later tonight

        • Tommy Gunz

          Yeah yeah you never played any gta before

        • lorelai4cuties

          Im a RPG fan…most the games i buy is RPG i rarely buy action games but i loved TLOU <3

        • NgTurbo

          GTA V bringing gamers together.. gotta love it!

    • Admir Karalic

      At least on PSN you guys got it, I don’t think we on XBOX have it out yet, it’s a Shame 😛

      • Bobby Lambeth II


        • Admir Karalic

          Yeah and ?