GTA V companion app release delayed on Android

By Peter Chubb - Sep 16, 2013

Over the weekend Rockstar Games announced that they were to release a companion app for their upcoming title, GTA V, and we can now tell you this app is now available for iOS a day ahead of the games official release. However, if you are an Android users then you have been left out in the cold yet again, but we are told the Grand Theft Auto: iFruit Android version will be released soon.

We are not sure why the new GTA 5 companion app for Android has been delayed, but we can tell you that Android users will not be happy with this, especially when the whole Plants vs. Zombies 2 saga is still raw. Let us hope Rockstar Games do not keep people waiting long because missing out the biggest platform is not a good thing to do.

Like we said, you can now download the new GTA V: iFruit companion app today, which has a 444MB file size. So if you have a monthly data limit on your iOS device then you had best wait until you are connected to Wi-Fi.

Being able to control certain functions of GTA V with an iPhone was always going to happen because we have seen this with games in the past. What we love about these apps is how they can help you get more from a PS3 or Xbox 360 game because it allows for greater interaction.

We will give the new GTA V app a full review at a later date once we have spent time with it, but for now we would like to hear from our Android readers and comment about being left out once again.

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  • NambyPamby

    This app is not just for training your dog. Rockstar has stated it is also your digital manual,
    city map, car customizer, and more. Being that half the fun of the GTA series
    is all the extra non main story line activities it seems a big blunder for them
    to not have it ready for android which owners 3/4ths of the smartphone market.
    I am pretty let down about this and hope they get this issue fixed soon.

  • Gamercents

    My only problem is that this isn’t just a peripheral app to the game. Its functions are coded into the game itself. The dog missions? While they may be few and far between, they are part of the game, at launch. The game even states that there is a mobile app that helps you train your dog. Well, that app only exists for the GTAV players that have Apple products. That seems a little bit of a let down and failure in foresight. Essentially, it’s a small portion of the game but still constitutes as leading to an incomplete game.
    Does that seem a little petty and nick-picky? Perhaps. However, when the game’s instructions say that there is a game feature available, at no extra charge, then that feature should be available at launch, unless it’s a feature that isn’t available to all players (ie: GTA Online).

    That’s just my take on it.

  • john

    So, GTA V sold how many units, at 65 plus tx, not to mention the people that get the special editions for 150. They give us less than half for a game we walk out and walk right back in with, cause it sucks. Why are we payin so much for ENTERTAINMENT again? Not to mention all the peripherals we buy that are discontinued. Plus GTA online isn’t even activated yet. I might as well walk backwards into gamestop with my pants down, bent over. Just to save them time. We need to rise up and revolt, they are nothing without us and they treat us like they’re doin US the favor

    • 65 bucks for months of entertainment is expensive?

  • Aquanautilus

    Hmmm… I wonder who is making money from the delayed Android release. Is it Rockstar in the present or Apple in the future? Maybe both? Either way, someone is making money off of it. It would just be idiotic to alienate at least half of your customer base…

    • Karl

      It’s a free app so the only one making money is rock star because of people buying the game or phone services with your data plan.

      • exit151

        Not true. Apple pays companies to release on their platform first often. It’s seen as a marketing tool.. “We get it first (cuz we pay to screw over Android users)”. Frustrating to no end..

    • a dude

      Apple will be making money off this… scared shitless of android devices swooping the market… there bringing the fight to a whole new level

  • Aerodamus

    This is a disgusting and unacceptable disgrace from Rockstar. You get to choose unique and custom license plates for GTA Online with this app, and with all the Apple users get the app before us, they’re going to get to take all the good plates.

    • Terry Dactyl

      Boo hoo.

  • Blandroid

    But but but OPEN

  • Robert Alex Kibler

    Darn it. I’ll have to see if my roommate will let me use his iPhone.

  • David Lowe

    Well damn

  • GTA-fanboy

    I just traded my iphone for an android phone last month, I really start regretting it now though 🙁