Fallout 4 dislike as an MMO release

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 16, 2013

If there is one-thing gamers don’t want to see, it would be Fallout 4 release as an MMO game. It is true this wouldn’t be the case for all fans of this franchise, but it is clear that the majority would hate to see Fallout 4 launch on a date in 2014 or 2015 and arrive as a massively multiplayer online game.

We understand why a number of gamers have been considering this possibility over the last few weeks, and following news of The Elder Scrolls Online it is certainly possible. The problem is Fallout 4 doesn’t fit the MMO genre, so this game should stay single player only in our opinion.

Bethesda is behind one MMO already in the form of ESO, so it would be a strange marketing tactic to launch another game in this genre. This is one reason why Fallout 4 should stay as a single player game, although another would be gamer demand.

Do you feel Fallout 4 doesn’t fit in the MMO genre? We don’t expect a release date anytime soon for Fallout 4, but news about the games development will arrive in the coming months and maybe even at the Spike Video Game Awards. This event is planned for the start of December, so not long now and we might have a few details to whet your appetite.

Reactions we have seen so far to the idea of a Fallout 4 MMO include, “They may release a Fallout 4 MMO after the single player launch, but I highly doubt it considering ESO”. Another added, “If Bethesda made Fallout 4 an MMO they will lose a lot of money, so it won’t happen as they are smarter than that”.

The bottom-line: in our opinion a Fallout 4 MMO won’t happen thanks to internal competition with ESO, although we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments about this very idea.

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  • BigEnough2Read

    Fallout 4 should be stand alone, but with a ” map edge ” that could take you out into an MMO world. San Francisco or Boston have been mentioned, but why not China or Enland or E.U. version ? In Fallout 4 you should have to reach say, level 10 before you wander off the ‘single player’ version off into the MMO state/country/wasteland next door. It is the endless landscapes & virtual exploring & open unguided freedom that makes Fallout great! You really feel like you could make places like Megaton or Zion home in the fallout world. As long as Fallout 4 both the stand alone version and the online version work on STEAM, I think most players would be happy to play on their PC or Steam BOX. I thin the PS4/XBOX land is dead, & the future of FALLOUT & all games is STEAM & even STEAM developing a three prong market: SteamOS (a Linux based living room machine), STEAM on PC & Macs, and finally extending from the Mac version to support STEAM on the next generation of 64bit based iPhone 6 and iPad 6. By the time iPad 7 rolls out, it will probably be an 8 core tablet with more power than current gaming notebooks.

  • dustin

    Thats not cool ive been playing the fallout games since the beging of the series. If thay put it in line im done and im a comited fan i have backups for all the games just in case thay break. I went to comic con dresed as a night kin fallout it is my favorite game.

  • Matt

    Personally, I think Fallout has potential to work as an MMO, but release FO4 first.
    If they were to do an MMO, they could expand on the whole gangs system, which I enjoyed in FO:NV.
    We’ve seen plenty of games where people create guilds or clans, so why not do something similar for Fallout? I think if working as a team and in “gangs” could be a focus in a Fallout MMO, then it could potentially work pretty well.

  • cheese

    maybe a 2 player co-op but thats as far as it should go

  • ringoyam

    the whole point of fallout’s atmosphere is to be a baron wasteland. it would completely ruin it if you see people popping up every 5 seconds

  • Guy

    keep it single player thats why companions are there. itll be annoying to keep opening inventory. fallout has always been about the one main character. mmo and co-op would just ruin it

  • Mike

    Co-Op with up to 4-6 players I can see that, but a whole MMO? No. Imagine if it became as WoW: Enjoy a post apocalyptic world where you have endless number of people stealing your kills, truly a hopeless picture of America after nuclear Armageddon.

  • whodat1

    Fallout as a MMO would be the end of the fallout series.

  • KingofCorn

    I’ve always liked how the Fallout series is single player.