2013 iMac, Haswell MacBook Pro launch date rumored

By Peter Chubb - Sep 16, 2013

It was only yesterday when we reported the 2013 Haswell MacBook Pro had starting shipping to suppliers, which joined the new iMac as well. We also explained how Apple was to hold an event to unveil these products next month, but at the time never had a date.

However, it seems a rumor has started to do the rounds, which would suggest the rumored 2013 iMac, Haswell MacBook Pro launch date will be on October 15, 2013. Like with all rumors like this we need to be careful, but it does fit in with the timeframe.

The news had come from the MacGeneration, which is a website that reports on all news to do with Apple. October 15, 2013 falls on a Tuesday, and so this could be a plausible date, but we have no way of knowing just yet because Apple will not send out invites for this product event until a week or so before, just as they did with this months Apple event.

2013 iMac and Haswell MacBook Pro launch date rumored

2013 iMac and Haswell MacBook Pro launch date rumored

We don’t expect Apple to just unveil their new 2013 iMac and MacBook Pro with Haswell, as the new Mac Pro along with OS X Mavericks should also be there.

It will not be all about Macs though, as Apple could also reveal their two new tablet devices, the iPad 5 and the iPad mini 2, which will come pre-installed with iOS 7.

While we have covered a great deal in regard to the iPad 5 over the past few months, since the iPhone 5S debut we have to wonder if the iPad 5 will come with a fingerprint sensor or the home button?

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  • Chris

    damn. i bought a imac 27 a few days ago….

    • Αργύρης Γούναρης

      patience is virtue

    • blah

      take it back

  • Alex Lee

    Include the 17 inch display of MacBook Pros

    • edgonzalez32

      Since they were removed from the line it’s safe to say they won’t be returning.

      • alan7

        No it isn’t safe to say, not if Apple has any least awareness of the number of professionals who swear by and love that product, and whom they risk alienating.

        • toby

          Insert “small” in front of “number of professionals…”

        • edgonzalez32

          I’m just really curios to know what makes you think Apple would all of a sudden re-release a 17-inch. There’s a reason why they stopped making them.

    • A2

      I never understood these 17″ laptops. I mean, everyone loves screen estate but we’re talking about laptop, portable machines. If you don’t need portability probably you buy a desktop computer. If you want to use your computer in different places and need a bigger screen you just connect an external monitor to you laptop.

      That said, just because I don’t understand it, it doesn’t mean some people want them. Maybe architects need them? Why don’t just by a 15″ inches and use an external monitor?