New Pokemon X and Y trailer electrifies fans

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 15, 2013

The new Pokemon X and Y game has caused fans to reach a new level of excitement and the amount of news this week keeps the hype constant. You will see a new Pokemon X and Y trailer above that is thanks to the official YouTube channel, and this video only landed within the last 24 hours.

Already topping 600,000 views and well over 6,000 likes, the new Pokemon X and Y video reveals evolved forms of Froakie, Fennekin and Chespin. The video only lasts just under 2 minutes, but reveals your first starter Pokemon.

Some people felt this franchise needed saving and others state, “I haven’t been this excited for a Pokemon game in years”. Another added, “I’m nearly 40 and still love Pokemon”. Do you agree X and Y will appeal to all ages? Let us know in the comments, along with what you are most looking forward to in Pokemon X and Y.

Is there anything else you notice within this trailer, and also previous screenshots/videos? You will also notice that Froakie gains improved jumping skills after being evolved into Frogadier. You can keep up with all the latest Pokemon X and Y news on our dedicated hub page.

In-case you missed it: feel free to take a look at some Pokemon X and Y Mega Charizard gameplay that stunned fans, and a Mewtwo fighting evolution picture.

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  • Danny Dodge

    I can’t play this on the DSXL 🙁

    • XxSpadeBrigadexX

      Everybody suggested that people buy a 3DS because their DSXL wasn’t going to last long once the 3DS was out. Some people remained stubborn. If you were one of those people, WE TOLD YOU SO. If not, that sucks and I hope you get the chance to play it somehow.

      • Danny Dodge

        Oh yes, you “told me so”, because you know me, right? *roll eyes *

        • XxSpadeBrigadexX

          Oh sorry, no offense intended. It’s true you can turn off the 3D though, and the price of an original 3DS is cheaper due to the price drop. The “told you so” thing is because most people all over the internet were against THE VERY IDEA that a 3DS would even exist. Technically, though, it is a whole new console, not the same thing remade for 3D. Additionally, the 3D is adjusted to over time, so if you still feel the irritation of 3D after a month or so, you can just turn it off. I usually play with it off as it lowers framerate for most games. It does have plenty of worthy extras for 170 dollars. A better social system with easier friend codes, free applications like Swapnote and Nintendo Video, and a nice wide array of games to play on the system come the hollidays. What exactly do you mean by “will you get this at launch?” The game yes, maybe the next gen handheld.

      • Danny Dodge

        No offense dude but check before you say things like that – for all you know I’m 85% blind and can’t see a small screen. You woukd be serioisly offending a disabled person (i don’t think you meant it kike thst but it comes accross that way). As it happens I’m not, but I got a free DSXL and pokemon black a few years back and won’t buy a second version of the same console just for the one game I can’t play when I hate 3D (my eyes are sensitive to it) and it has no other worthy extras for the money. I guess I will buy the next gen Nintendo handheld if it has 3ds backward compatibility and play…will you get this at launch?