GTA V strip club brings new abilities

The latest game from Rockstar is called Grand Theft Auto V and will reach its release date next week. In GTA V the strip club will feature more realism than the previous game, but worryingly for some it also means you will get to interact with the strippers while watching out for bouncers.

Over the last week we have seen a number of leaks that include screenshots and even over 20 minutes of GTA V gameplay. Most of this content has been pulled from services such as YouTube, but the details for new GTA V features are still around.

You can see a screenshot of a stripper in GTA V on Dual Shockers or below. This screen reveals a few buttons that can be pressed while a lady strips in front of you, and this clearly shows you can touch the stripper. This feature wasn’t in GTA IV, so this will be a delight to some gamers that like to visit this part of the game.


Certain media will love to spin this – it is true GTA V isn’t for kids and even if the swearing had a mute feature, the in-game actions would never be for anyone under 16.

The fact is a good number of gamers that play Grand Theft Auto are well below the required age, even the marketing of the game can be found on websites with young audiences, so the new abilities in GTA V will shock a few reporters and especially in the main stream.

If we have any parents reading this article that will let their children play GTA V, then we strongly recommend they reconsider after seeing the interactions possible with strippers and an obvious increase in realism for adults.

Will you be heading to the strip club in GTA V to give these new abilities a try? The current age rating for Grand Theft Auto V in the UK is 18+ and it is also the same in the USA. It will be interesting to see if there’s any cheats for the strip club, although we would expect a number of cheats for most areas of the game including gaining vehicles easier. You can read about some Xbox 360 owners getting banned after GTA V gameplay leaking.



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