BBM for iPhone on iOS 7 release date

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 16, 2013

How popular BBM for iPhone and Android will be is something users have been debating for a few weeks now, but amongst this discussion we have seen some interesting points made and one of these was to do with the BBM release date on iPhone. There is a very good chance we are going to see the iOS 7 public release date coincide with the launch of BBM.

BlackBerry officially commented on the BBM launch and said it would arrive by the end of summer, although this fact is well documented now with only a few days left until the end of summer 2013.

Why would BlackBerry launch BBM before iOS 7? Apple is due to launch its new mobile operating system within the next week, so it seems very likely that the BBM release date for iPhone would tie-in with the iOS 7 public launch.

It is true that Android users would want BBM as soon as possible and anything to do with Apple shouldn’t slow this process down, but if BlackBerry want to release BBM for iPhone and Android at the same time then they would obviously wait until iOS 7 lands rather than pushing the app out before next Wednesday.

We heard a while ago that BBM for iPhone was submitted a few weeks ago and the review process takes a little while with Apple (around one week). Uploading the app to Google play takes just a couple of hours, so it will be easy for BBM to release on both iPhone and Android at the same time.

In our opinion, BBM for iPhone and iPod touch will not arrive until after the public release of iOS 7. This will happen on Wednesday, so you might see the Android version before then unless BlackBerry is planning a launch on the same day.

Are you happy to wait for BBM to launch on the iOS 7 release date? If you own an iPhone this might be fine, but we are sure a number of Android users won’t be happy if this is the case. Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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  • Riyan

    Without BBM, iphone/android was had problem with their battery drain problem. I can’t imagine what will going on when they use BBM at the same time. Weird.

  • Nelson

    Why not let Android users adapt first so that the servers aren’t overloaded by all the new iOS and android clients at the same time? Poor integration plan in my opinion. That’s blackberry though.

    • Ty

      BB went from having more than triple their current users back in the day who were all submitting BBM texts and updating statuses etc via the BB servers so having another 200 million users is something they will be prepared for. No Nelson, it makes more sense to release them at the same time to avoid ostracizing either user-base.

  • Alvaro

    Dont see the point of BBM on devices like iPhones and other Android pones. There are better apps for that like iMessage, Whatsapp, Line or Viber. Furthermore I thought BBM was a feature exclusive for BB so..won´t that mean that there arent any reasons to buy BBs anymore?

    • Ty

      Wow, your comment really goes to show the little that you know. Technical users will tend to disagree with you on everything you said especially since those four have been playing catch-up with BBM in terms of features and can still come absolutely nowhere near its security levels. The rest are actually a bit of a joke in terms of how well they actually work (cross-platforming aside). I can’t stand using whatsapp but have to because people I know have Android and/or iPhones.

  • Garg Ankur

    Waiting for bbm to come in ios 😎

  • kash

    For any BB product it always take so Mich time. seeing there is no drastic change in the app from bb os10 what made them took so long ? Which app ever waits for the new is to release and is it worth waiting for apple ? Who is not even paying attention to their app lol

    • hs2010

      No drastic change like writing the code from the ground up for the first time in a different language? Are you trolling?

  • Making us wait

    Blackberry is stupid! They are making android users wait! because of apple? This does not make any sense at all

  • Vic

    Its irritating that they waiting too long.they are allowing whatsapp to position themselves better!

  • Breaking Bad

    Just launch it already!