Battlefield 4 beta start date for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

We have some good news for Battlefield fans now, as EA has finally confirmed the official start date for the highly anticipated Battlefield 4 beta. The game is not out until the end of October, but now we’re pleased to say that current-gen consoles and PC players will have the opportunity to play the beta at the start of October instead.

Battlefield 4 is looking pretty amazing from gameplay previews that EA has been showing at various expos, but now you’ll need to know that October 1 is the big date to look forward to. October 1 will be the starting date for the Battlefield 4 beta, on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC platforms.

This is the date for the open beta, so we could see early access open up for those who have pre-ordered the game or have secured special access via other means – before the October 1 date.

What we find surprising though, is the confirmation of next-gen release dates for Battlefield 4. The game is launching on November 12 in the US on PS4 – despite the fact that the PS4 doesn’t go on sale officially until November 15 in the country.

The BF4 beta awaits you on Oct 1
The BF4 beta awaits you on Oct 1

Battlefield 4 is also launching earlier on Xbox One in the US as well, with a launch date of November 19 and the console itself launching on November 22. We wonder what tactics EA are trying to pull here perhaps? Maybe this is to accommodate those buying the digital version of the game so that pre-loads can happen. Then again, how can you pre-load on a console that isn’t launched yet? Hopefully EA will clear this up for up soon.

It’s great though that fans can now play the beta a full month before the game launches. If you haven’t pre-ordered yet it will be the perfect opportunity to see the main differences from BF3 and whether you think the game deserves a full purchase or not.

Are you pumped up for the Battlefield 4 beta?



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