2013 Haswell MacBook Pro joins iMac, starts to ship

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 15, 2013

This time last week we heard the 2013 iMac was shipping from suppliers with Haswell included, and today our same source has emailed a tip in regard to the 2013 Haswell MacBook Pro. It seems the refresh of Apple’s professional MacBook has also started to ship from the supply line, which ties in with earlier predictions and price drops.

We heard rumors in August about the Haswell MacBook Pro shipping in September 2013. This report arrived from Taiwanese manufacturers that had started to send components for the new hardware, and then they would start assembling the 2013 MacBook Pro for shipping to Apple’s retail destinations before the October event.

The event planned for next month will not only feature a new Haswell MacBook Pro, but also a 2013 iMac, an iPad mini 2 and iPad 5 that might even include a A7 64 bit chip. This would take gaming on tablets to a whole new level with what Apple call “console level graphics”. This will certainly not be the case by the time Xbox One and PS4 launch.

Our source states, “The 2013 MacBook Pro has started to move from the supply chain, this update will include Intel’s new Haswell processor just like you heard with the 2013 iMac. I’m not sure on a release date, but expect the launch window to be within the next 45 days”.

2013 MacBook Pro will include a Retina and Haswell

2013 MacBook Pro will include a Retina and Haswell

Apple’s latest refresh of their laptop line might persuade some people to jump to Mac from PC, although this very topic is one highly debated with a few users jumping to PC after years with Mac. Do you prefer Mac or PC? Let us know in the comments along with your reasons why.

What specs would you like to see on the 2013 MacBook Pro refresh other than Haswell?

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  • Tonii

    Need MBP retina 17inch with Haswell And 4k display (ultra hd)!!!!!!

    • Alex Lee

      Agreed, for the standard MBPs, make the retina display on 17″(if doable) available. But Im with you on that.

  • Ryan Doyle

    A retina 21.5 inch iMac or a retina 17 inch Macbook Pro would get me excited. Anything else would be pretty boring.

    • Alex Lee

      I totally agree 🙂

  • Hansen

    Why would anyone buy a non servicable, expensive MacBook, lacking great software, designed for binning and total replacement when it fails – which it will – unless ones daughter belives it’s a matter between life and death to have what all the friends have ….

    Oh – I am in that latter category unfortunately

    • Daniel Chatfield

      I completely agree, I use a mac but only because I am a developer and thus kinda have to. I would never suggest that a “normal” person got one.

  • GoodScout

    My only complaint about the MBP is the graphics card is its weak link. My 15-inch 2010 MBP crapped out in June and without buying AppleCare I was screwed. I may have to tie myself down to an iMac because the MBP just can’t seem to get its video problems solved, even after the embarrassment of the nvidia fiasco.

  • Just bought the kids a new 27 inch iMac yesterday and I’m very impressed. I think when the iMac refresh gets here next month I’ll get myself one. This is coming from a 15+ year windows user, who build all his own pcs. If I need gaming I’ll hop on the ps4 or Xbox one which will be on par with current pc graphics anyway. I have no interest in Windows 8.

    • Daniel Chatfield

      “on par with the current PC graphics” <- well that depends on your PC, I have two GTX 670s and it is not "on par" with that – and they are a generation old now.

  • Alex Lee

    To be honest, 17 inch retina and non retina displays for MacBook Pro, louder and larger speakers to differentiate from 15 inch, and dual hard disk options.

  • zyzz

    after windows 95, W98, W XP and W 7 (didnt had Vista) i’m waiting for hasswell IMAC. Simplicity, quality and no problems. At LAST!

    • John

      OS X has problems, it barely has any apps.

      • Hill

        What problems does OS X have? OS X has basically everything you need or a counterpart app from the windows OS. Unless your working for a big firm and need an enterprise software then I see your point. But for the most OS X will just most people just fine.

      • John Armstrong

        1997 called, they want their PC vs Mac points back.

  • James

    I’ve been a PC user for years, built my own machine and loved it. Now I’m on the market for a laptop. I’ve looked around for Asus, the new Vaio etc. all are amazing computers, but I’ve been playing with my girlfriends MBP for some time now and I have to say I’m really curious about the new MBP coming in the next few months. It’s simple to use, smooth and never have any problems!
    Some high end PC laptop are much more expensive than the MBPr, so I guess I’ll wait and see in October, to make the switch to Apple or not.

  • Mike

    Use both PC and MAC, the only thing I can see missing from the new MAC spec is a realistic price.

  • Kafi

    I’ve been a PC user all my life, and I cant wait to change to mac, just waiting for the new one to come…though I really hope the RAM and memory are upgradable

    • Lee a

      I just cannot get over the price of macs and generally all apple products, my pc would wipe the floor in performance with Apple and cost about half the price

      • MadMacMad

        Agreed. There’s also a lot of satisfaction building your own PC too, it
        can save you in the hundreds even more.

      • Flip

        They have higher re sale value do didn’t really matter price wise as long as you have the money in the first place

      • Rick Meyers

        I used to say this all the time too, bought first MBP (15″ retina) in January. Incomparable to what’s out there now unless you’re a gamer. Easily the best display, keys and trackpad are a pleasure to work with, and the Samsung 830-based SSD is outstanding. It doesn’t matter whether I’m running OSX or Win7 on it, and I do use both still, it’s just an all-around excellent machine.

        I’d feel different if I were a big gamer (I’m not), but the video card is tolerable. It’s only 8 months later and now I only switch over to Windows to use FrameMaker now and then. Otherwise it was about the easiest transition ever and I’ve found the applications not only cheaper but better. Logic for $200? Yes, please.

        It’s really not just about raw power and specs. PC manufacturers need to pay more attention to things like the chassis quality, battery life, weight, display, and the inputs. You can stuff whatever you want into a notebook but if the keyboard is mediocre or the display panel is bleh, it takes away from the experience. And despite a quad-core i7 in the thing, I don’t hear fans blasting away while working.

        When I was shopping, I found the MBP to be a better Windows notebook than actual Windows notebooks were. I liked some Samsungs, Sonys and Asus models, but there were annoyances with each or lesser features. Around 2010 Macs were kind of laughable but I can’t fault this machine at all. I was able to sell off a nice i7-2600 desktop system and make this my sole device it’s just that good.

      • Stefan

        Not really overpriced in the mobile space. Specs by themselves dont mean jack all.. they don’t tell you about about build quality, Cooling system, Keyboard and trackpad quality, Display!(where most laptops are HORRIBLE) also proper scaling for high res, Audio jack output quality, battery life, etc etc. That’s why good high-end windows machines are just as pricy (e.g. AsusUX51VZ is $1800 and competes [poorly] with the base rMBP 15)

      • Vittu-Pelle

        How much horsepower do you have in the most tweaked Nissan for less than 50.000 USD out there? Quite a lot, I think. Compare that to a Bentley, all that money, and perhaps even less horsepower! Of course you should always buy the Nissan, since there are no other aspect to consider other than horsepower against horsepower, right?

        I’m not saying a Macintosh is a Bentley, but that freaking argument about specs against specs is just so stupid that it blows my mind, and since it is repeated endlessly I can not any longer be gentle about it. Stupidity, pure and undiluted stupidity. Buy your Acer and be happy about it, it serves you right.

    • Fernando Scheps

      I am also moving to Mac after 17 years of Windows. I have to give it a try, although it costs more, I don’t care, I want to have the experience of superior computing. And if its not like that, I will sell it and buy a PC again, but I doubt I would do that 🙂
      I am really anxious to see what the new MacBook Pro will bring. I think it will have the same updates as the Air: Haswell of course, Better battery, and speedy PCI Express SSD. But what if they also add a fingerprint reader like they did with the iPhone 5S. A powerful video card from Intel should be expected but maybe it will also add an Nvidia card as the previous models… I don’t know what else they could make to improve the previous year model which seemed to be really great already. I hope they announce the October event soon…

      • Luukas Palm-Leis

        You will be impressed on how smooth Mac OS X runs and you will be able to use the laptop forever even if it is outdated I have a 2001 iBook G3 and it runs like a clock

        • John

          It is not even smooth on 2-3 year old devices.

        • bewlaybrother

          You should really stop pretending these things you’re making up are true. No one who uses Mac products will take you seriously.

      • John

        If you want to have the experience of superior computing get a PC.