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2013 Haswell MacBook Pro joins iMac, starts to ship

This time last week we heard the 2013 iMac was shipping from suppliers with Haswell included, and today our same source has emailed a tip in regard to the 2013 Haswell MacBook Pro. It seems the refresh of Apple’s professional MacBook has also started to ship from the supply line, which ties in with earlier predictions and price drops.

We heard rumors in August about the Haswell MacBook Pro shipping in September 2013. This report arrived from Taiwanese manufacturers that had started to send components for the new hardware, and then they would start assembling the 2013 MacBook Pro for shipping to Apple’s retail destinations before the October event.

The event planned for next month will not only feature a new Haswell MacBook Pro, but also a 2013 iMac, an iPad mini 2 and iPad 5 that might even include a A7 64 bit chip. This would take gaming on tablets to a whole new level with what Apple call “console level graphics”. This will certainly not be the case by the time Xbox One and PS4 launch.

Our source states, “The 2013 MacBook Pro has started to move from the supply chain, this update will include Intel’s new Haswell processor just like you heard with the 2013 iMac. I’m not sure on a release date, but expect the launch window to be within the next 45 days”.

2013 MacBook Pro will include a Retina and Haswell
2013 MacBook Pro will include a Retina and Haswell

Apple’s latest refresh of their laptop line might persuade some people to jump to Mac from PC, although this very topic is one highly debated with a few users jumping to PC after years with Mac. Do you prefer Mac or PC? Let us know in the comments along with your reasons why.

What specs would you like to see on the 2013 MacBook Pro refresh other than Haswell?



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