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Surface 2 and Nokia ‘Sirius’ tablet launch closeness

On September 23, 2013 Microsoft will show to the world how they plan to get their Surface range back on track considering the huge loss they made with the Surface RT and the Pro. We know the RT was considered the worst out of the two in terms of sales and because of an excessively high price.

We know that Microsoft has seen the error of their ways and said they will learn from the mistakes made, and reducing the price of the current Surface RT and Pro seemed like a last ditch effort to salvage something. However, with the Surface 2 launch set for 10 days time you have to wonder if they are trying to shift old stock to make way for new devices?

From what we know it would seem there will be a Surface RT 2 because NVidia had already confirmed they are working with Microsoft on this. We should also expect the Surface Pro 2 unveil and to also stick with the same size, as rumors of a smaller Surface Pro do not look as though they will be shown at the event, but we still expect to see one before the year is out.

This could be the first Nokia Windows 8 tablet
This could be the first Nokia Windows 8 tablet

Just three days after, Nokia is expected to unveil their first Windows 8 tablet during their September 26, 2013 event, which is when they will also announce the Nokia Lumia 1520. We have an image above of what is rumored to be called the Nokia ‘Sirius’ tablet thanks to Winsupersite, who says this will be an 8.1-inch Windows 8.1 RT tablet and will launch before the end of 2013.

We do find it strange why Windows is still hanging onto the RT platform when there are clear issues with it. Having said that, maybe Microsoft has finally been able to iron out all those issues?

What do you except to see from the Microsoft and Nokia event later this month?



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