PS4 gameplay upload to YouTube hits roadblock

By Alan Ng - Sep 13, 2013

We all know that the PS4 console is coming with a new share button that will enable gamers to instantly record a gameplay clip and then directly upload it to various sharing spaces online. Those assuming that this will work with YouTube are in for a shock though, as we’re hearing strong rumors that Sony may not be letting users make use of this at launch.

The gameplay upload feature of PS4 is easily one of the most anticipated features of the console and it could turn out to be a major selling point of the PS4, if it works as Sony has been advertising it throughout the last couple of months and at major gaming events.

We too thought that YouTube gameplay uploads using the share button would be a no-brainer, but it appears that things are a lot more complicated after deeper inspection. Although not confirmed by Sony, it looks like PS4 users may only be able to share gameplay to places like Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and obviously through the PSN.

We’re also hearing that HD capture cards will not work, and will be problematic for users since they’ll no longer be able to insert a capture card into the PS4 with its sole HDMI port – different to the PS3 setup which made this possible via the AV port.

YouTube is obviously the most popular and effective way to share gaming clips instantly so views are generated quickly, so hopefully Sony will work out a solution for all concerned soon. Shuhei Yoshida has already hinted on Twitter that they are well aware of what the fans want.

Put it this way – if you find out that you cannot upload gameplay clips to YouTube, would it be a big blow to you or will you get over it? Give us your thoughts on this dilemma below.

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  • Majeed Belle

    This doesn’t affect me personally but I can see how this could hurt Sony when it comes to others that do use this kind of stuff. I think Sony should bite the bullet on this one. They have done nothing but impress thus far and it would be great to see them enter this next generation with all cylinders firing.

  • Ragnawind

    It won’t affect me, since I don’t normally share videos of gameplay anyway. Even if i did, I could just use FF to download the uploaded clip from a site like Twitch and re-post it on Youtube, if I really wanted it on Youtube.

    • D Man 6285

      You don’t because you can’t do it now…lol

      • Ragnawind

        what? You can’t download your videos from Twitch anymore? There are multiple FF extensions that can? I even just tested one and it worked. The only videos they don’t work on are those that are encrypted, like copyright content by the copyright providers.

  • AHox

    Not at all, i never upload videos even through my youtube page. It won’t make a huge difference for me as my community or friends and friends of friends should be on Facebook. I will be glad to show them off things when i get the console.
    This is not a reason for me to halt or drift away from the purchase, i am in for all of the other features plus the games. Can’t wait to try titles like inFamous: Second Son, Watch_Dogs, Assassin’s Creed VI: Black Flag, Drive Club, The Division, NFS Rivals, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Destiny as well as other great titles.
    Still hyped about the console, the release not far away.

  • Kadyr

    Not really a fan of uploading games to the Internet, I really don’t see the point of it. And to be honest who cares about this share button, ok still buying too for the GAMES, and whoever complaints about this, they just being plain dumb and wining about every lil detail. The ps4 is already as good as it gets and it’s getting better. The best thing about the PS4 is being able to play the vita easy, and can’t wait for the new vita tv to hit USA.