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Nexus 5 necessity for 64 bit CPU

With Apple beating the likes of LG and Samsung to the 64-bit market, we had to wonder how long it would be before we actually saw one of them release a 64-bit flagship handset? Whatever happens, they have to realize that Apple got the jump on them and now it is them playing catch up.

We had been waiting for news from some of the biggest Android makers to see what they think of 64-bit and to see if they would give any negative views on it. However, this was not the case because Samsung’s CEO has already said their next flagship handset will come with a 64-bit chip, which to us means the Galaxy S5 will make use of this technology.

This will be a huge deal for Samsung because in that time they will know developers would have had more experience, and so will be able to offer 64-bit apps with a greater understanding of the technology.

Nexus 5 necessity for 64 bit CPU – However, the Galaxy S5 might not be the first Android handset to make use of the new chip, because the Nexus 5 needs a 64-bit CPU. The reason for this is because this is the next biggest release of Android handset after the Galaxy Note 3, and the first after Apple announced the new technology inside the iPhone 5S.

This is unlikely to happen, but no doubt iOS users will be looking to see what the Nexus 5 specs will be and if it does not come with a 64-bit chip, then we are certain a few things will be said. However, we have to remember not all iOS apps will make full use of the improved chip, but at least Apple is ahead of a technology for a change.



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