Joy for self-driving cars shown in video

The moment one company begins to look into the possibility of self-driving cars others start to look into the technology as well. It has been well publicized that Google were working on their very own self-driving car, and now Nissan has jumped on the bandwagon.

However, where Nissan differs from some of the other companies looking into the possibility is the fact they have set a date of when they believe they will have one on the market by. They suggest they will have one ready by 2020.

In the self-driving cars video below you get to learn what Nissan has planned for the future of their autonomous vehicle. The thing with the other self-driving cars we’ve seen in the past such as Audi, is that these were only proof concepts and there has never been a clear vision as to when we will get to see them on the road.

Nissan has already begun construction of a proving ground for their self-driving car and should be completed by the end of 2014. It is then when we should see a few test videos of concept versions of the self-driving car from Nissan, and see just how much work some of the brightest people from the US have got on with the project.

Self-driving Nissan on our roads by 2020
Self-driving Nissan on our roads by 2020

Why the need for a self-driving car? Nissan is going ahead with the project not because a need from drivers, but rather the need to help improve road safety. Nissan understand the number of accidents involving vehicles is at an unacceptable level and feel the need to do their part in helping to reduce this. Getting rid of the human element could be a way to do this, but there is always a risk.

There is a fear that when self-driving cars go mainstream there will be ripple effects in certain industries, because we could have self-driving buses and cabs, but this happens when new technology is brought into any industry.



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