FIFA 14 Gangnam style celebration buttons

We have already told you that you’ll be able to perform the Daniel Sturridge dance celebration in FIFA 14. Now though, we can also confirm you to that the infamous Gangnam Style dance is available as a celebration as well and it is going to be a fantastic move to humiliate your friends after scoring.

The good news, is that EA has already revealed what the button press for the Gangnam Style celebration will be in FIFA 14. Inspired by a poor attempt in real life by Edinson Cavani to perform the Gangnam Style dance, EA has now put the silky dance in FIFA 14 and you can do it yourself with the controls that we have included below.

You’ll need to input it directly after scoring and then watch in delight as your player and teammates begin to recreate Psy’s famous chops. To avoid obvious licensing issues, EA has simply renamed the move ‘gallop dance’, but we all know what the move should really be called.

Psy eat your heart out
Psy eat your heart out

We have a feeling though that once FIFA 14 is out, players may become sick of playing online, as you just know that the Gangnam Style celebration is going to be used time and time again to the point of wanting to throw the controller at the screen.

Still though, fair play to EA for including it – we also particularly love Ronaldo’s ‘calm down’ celebration as well. Let us know what celebration you will be using the most in FIFA 14 and whether you think it is likely to get over-used or not.



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