BBM on iPhone not promoted like Android

By Peter Chubb - Sep 13, 2013

The whole BBM for iPhone and Android saga seems to be ongoing, this is because we were promised to see the app appear on these devices in the summer and because we are about to enter a new season, we now wonder just how much longer there is to go?

We’ve already seen a few signs that BBM on Android and BBM on iPhone is steaming ahead in its development process, but as yet BlackBerry has kept quiet as to a release date. However, it does seem strange how Samsung has now started to make a bigger deal out of BBM coming to their handsets on their Facebook page.

BBM on iPhone not promoted like it is for Android
– When you look right at the top of the Samsung Mobile SA Facebook page you will see they are giving their support for the upcoming app, and not surprisingly Apple is not doing the same.

Samsung and other Android supporters have always embraced other companies if it helps to bring a better experience to their users, but Apple only seems to back their own apps and is not worried so much about third-party developers or rival companies.

Apple will not want to promote BBM on iOS because it would mean its users would drop iMessage in favor of BBM. However, they need to understand if iMessage is not living up to expectations then iOS users need an alternative and with WhatsApp under-performing in terms of features and security, it is obvious there will be huge interest with BBM.

While there is nothing we can do but wait for BBM to be released on Android and the iPhone, we do have our concerns with the number of other apps being developed and released claiming to be the real deal, when it is clear they are not.

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  • Gloria

    When bbm comes more people will have it. These days people only have iphone android and blackberry so it is possible iMessage will in fact be ignored.

  • deecaaalooo213

    lol bull crap i messages are S**t!! 😉

  • Nico

    No one would drop iMessage for BBM, iMessage is built directly in to the normal messages app so for iPhone to iPhone communication, iMessage is head and shoulders above everything else.

    • Danny Dodge

      Imessage is good but limited to only iOS products, if wp8 and android were to work with them and all allow interformat chat that would be better and the main thing it us missing is an imessage contact list, you send a message ti someone and if they turn blue they have imessage, instead you should also have a list of imessage enabled contacts. If hangouts were to intergtate so at least android and iOS could interchat that would be great

      • Nico

        I agree with that. But for iOS devices I will always talk to them via iMessage.

    • patrick jackson

      o you not understand imessage sucks there is no point to imessage you might as well text if you are going to use it. BBM has more features that makes it worth using ive used i message and its no different then texting BBM has voice and video chat you make your own profile with status updates and let people see the music you listen to and much more which makes it great and nice to use imessage comes nowhere near that.

      • Nico

        I disagree, seamless integration makes it what it is. You use it with out even knowing your using it. Using a stand alone app is more of a process, for me personally anyway.

    • Kyle Camacho

      I agree, but i do think alot more people would start to use bbm.