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iPhone 5S Space Grey to kill ‘5’ scratch issues

When Apple first introduced the iPhone 5 last year there were scratching issues for some owners, although most people we know with the black iPhone 5 has a scratch of some sort on their handset. We had assumed that Apple would have done something about this, such as a free bumper program once again. They did admit this was normal and that we should cover it with a case, which was a huge smack in the face from Apple.

However, Apple has not done anything about this huge issue, and so those of us who did not want to cover such a nice looking phone with a case was forced to do so. When Apple held their big event on Tuesday we were intrigued to learn what Apple might have done to resolve this problem.

iPhone 5 scratches might have been fixed with the iPhone 5S
– Okay, so it is not exactly a fix for those who have an iPhone 5, but it looks as though Apple has made some key changes to make certain there is not a repeat performance.

How has Apple changed things so there are no iPhone 5 S scratch issues? Apple has introduced a new color range with their iPhone 5S; these are silver, gold and space gray, the latter is a favorite of ours.

A common occurrence with the iPhone 5
A common occurrence with the iPhone 5

Because it was only the black iPhone 5 that suffered from scratching we would assume these new colors would not suffer the same issue. However, this is just wishful thinking and we will need to run a few tests with the new model once they become available, which is September 20.

Do you believe these new colors will put an end to the scratching issue, or would you have preferred Apple go back to a glass back instead of aluminum?



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