Xbox One vs. PS4 by MS Director of PP

By Alan Ng - Sep 11, 2013

If you have been keeping an eye on the rather intense Xbox One vs PS4 hardware debate lately, you really should study some recent comments that have been made by Microsoft’s director of product planning Albert Penello. He has jumped into an ongoing debate on which console has the superior hardware specs, by coming up with evidence which suggests that the Xbox One can easily hold its own against the PS4, which many gamers believe has the current edge.

Mr Penello believes that negative and ‘misinformed’ information has been spreading about the Xbox One capabilities compared to the PS4, and has taken to social media via a thread on Neogaf to attempt to fight Microsoft’s corner against an army of insightful gamers.

He has moved to clarify a few specifics about the Xbox One system specs, notably by claiming that the Xbox One features 50% more performance than the PS4 in relation to 18 CU’s vs. 12 CU’s on the PS3 – according to Penello.

He continues by saying that the Xbox One has “10% more CPU” than the PS4 and that the Xbox One has a faster processor and a better audio chip and more memory bandwidth.

Is the Xbox One actually better than PS4 on paper?

Is the Xbox One actually better than PS4 on paper?

While we wouldn’t be one to debate Penello’s claims, it appears that many of the gamers over at Neogaf couldn’t wait to comment on his statement, with some actually accusing Microsoft’s director of product planning of handing out false information on the Xbox One.

It is fascinating stuff to read, so if you are in the know about the technical aspects of console and PC hardware, you are not going to want to miss this. Take a look at the whole thing here and let us know if you agree or disagree with his comments.

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  • Jclynx

    It wasn’t too long ago before the PS3 was coming out with
    new – state of the art technology, (the cell processor) This hardware was going to change the
    world! And what happen… pretty much
    nothing. The cell technology is no
    better than the processors today. Sony
    blow a lot of smoke.

  • adracamas

    I still would like to know why backwards comparability is such an issue.

    • DK

      Xbox one is built like a pc.
      Xbox 360 is built much different.
      Xbox 360 games are built for the special things that are in the xbox 360 which xbox one does not have.

      • Sir_K33tanz

        Even if that were true, that still doesn’t justify the reason behind it.

    • Robert Willey

      MS is now considering BC the same way Sony says they will attempt BC. I honestly could care less about BC, but it definitely matters to a lot of gamers, so if MS can add that to their list of features….it would definitely help.

  • dodgebizkit

    I don’t care as, with the exception of absolute exclusives, devs aim for the lowest denominator in graohics and then port, as seen with ps3 and 360 (heavy rain is a superior graphic game but most look like 360 games) while the 360 has an amazing os – I went ps3 for bluray but next gen its the software that convinces me Xbox all the way especially as PSN will be a paid service too on PSN so all ps4 has is potentially better specs (we need to see real world performance as paper and specs are only a guide anyway) while Xbox has all themultimedia and software benefits of Microsoft

    • Robert Willey

      I think you just summed up perfectly why the X1 is going to do far better than what you would think if all you read was tech blogs and their comments. Sony’s BIGGEST selling point, on it’s surface, was that PSN multiplayer is free while XBL multiplayer is not. Never mind when you look beneath the surface you find that XBL multiplayer is so far much better than the PSN multiplayer experience. But, on the surface, that’s a big selling point. After the HD disc war was settled and Bluray became the standard, that was another HUGE selling point for the PS3.

      Those 2 advantages are now gone. And because Sony has gone the traditional next-gen route of offering the “Same old with better graphics”, there really is little left for Sony to run with other than this supposed “huge power advantage” they have over the X1. I am not a big techie…..I do not know specs all that well. But, I do know this….specs are for fanboys. I make it much simpler….If anyone thinks MS would go into the next-gen conceding a “30-50%” power advantage to their main rival????? Come on now. That is not going to happen….EVER.

      So let the fanboys do all their spec talking and let the rest of us know this…..the next-gen games on these 2 consoles are going to be just like how they worked out on this-gen consoles. By and large, for the VAST majority of games the 2 consoles are going to look and play the same. You can take that to the bank. And once you realize that, you have taken away Sony’s one and only major selling point to the rest of the non Sony-fanboy crowd.

      The X1 is going to do just fine.

    • Danny Dodge


  • deeboy17

    How hard is it to tell. Just look at the software, the games. There is no way that any system can hide a 50% difference. That’s such a significant difference you would be able to tell it on any game and I haven’t seen anything suggesting it. Both consoles have their exclusives’ coming out in which their developers will be using the consoles hardware to almost max capacity and there is no 50% disparity. All that said I’m glad I preordered the Xbox months ago.

  • lorelai4cuties

    To be honest you cant blame Microsoft dev for deny the powerful difference between ps4 and xbox1 ..he cant say yes ps4 is more powerful coz that hurt their sales .. I already pre ordered my ps4 so its cool ^_^