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PS4 exclusives in 2014 with Deep Down

If you have watched the previews of Capcom’s next-gen title Deep Down and have liked what you have seen so far, we have some very good news to confirm. Deep down was originally unveiled at Sony’s PS4 event in February, but has since been the subject of platform rumors in relation to a possible Xbox One version.

However, Capcom’s main man Yoshinori Ono has now confirmed in black and white that the game is in fact being built solely for the PS4 as an exclusive, with no Xbox One version on the way. Ono was asked this very question on Twitter by a fan and posted the following reply which should make PS4 fans very happy.

It now means that Sony has a notable third-party exclusive on their books after all and it could help to balance the exclusive games contest with the Xbox One lineup in 2014 – despite Microsoft still being in a strong position at the moment.

Along with the confirmation of PS4 exclusivity, Capcom also revealed a brand new trailer for the game which features a rather lovely soundtrack as accompaniment. We still don’t see any actual gameplay unfortunately, but hopefully Capcom are saving this for the Tokyo Game Show which kicks off on September 19.

Deep down, you knew that Sony would bring the exclusives in 2014
Deep down, you knew that Sony would bring the exclusives in 2014

Another great bit of news to confirm for you, is that Deep Down is going to feature an online multiplayer mode with support for up to four players. Four player open-world dungeon exploration sounds fantastic to us and could give us the type of multiplayer gameplay that Bethesda couldn’t offer with Skyrim.

Does this give you confidence that Sony still has the power to entice third-party developers with exclusives for the PS4, after seeing what happened with EA’s Titanfall for the Xbox One?



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