PES 2014 Vs FIFA 14 demo gameplay

By Alan Ng - Sep 11, 2013

This is easily the perfect week for football gamers and the week that everyone has been waiting for. FIFA 14 and PES 2014 demos are now available on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC and naturally everyone is eager to see how both games are shaping up ahead of the crucial sales battle when the games are finally launched.

For those yet to sample both demos, we have picked out a few excellent gameplay videos for you to look at – showing you some full matches from the respective PES 2014 and FIFA 14 demos. The good news from feedback we’ve seen so far, is that PES 2014 is actually looking a lot more solid compared to last year’s edition and could give FIFA 14 a stronger challenge in the battle to take the top football game throne.

The first video you see above is taken from the PES 2013 demo, showing a full match between Santos FC and England, with commentary provided by Jim Beglin and Jon Champion. Take a look at the facial quality for Steven Gerrard as he emerges from the tunnel – pretty impressive you have to say.

Although the gameplay looks great, it is a shame to see PES 2014 missing some of the official faces that we see on FIFA. It looks like Konami were beaten to it by EA in terms of snapping up licenses, so you’ll have to put up with that if you are planning to buy PES 2014 on September 19, or September 20 in America.

On FIFA 14, Messi will have his trademark celebration.

On FIFA 14, Messi will have his trademark celebration.

As for FIFA 14, we have picked out a full match from the demo, giving you a preview of Barcelona vs the surprise demo selection from EA with Boca Juniors. You’ll instantly notice that the commentary is lot more impressive and realistic, with Martin Tyler and Alan Smith feeding off each other as you would see on television.

Check out both gameplay demos and let us know which game you will be buying. Is it an easy win for FIFA 14 again, or do you agree that PES 2014 is looking a lot better than last year?

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  • cripper

    Genuinely couldn’t tell the difference between fifa 13 and 14. if you have 13 i wouldn’t bother with 14, unless up to date team rosters are important to you

  • Dazzlaa

    Its the year of PES once again. Played fifa demo, wasnt impressed at all after letting PES back in. Ive been playing all the pes games over the last few years and fifa always edged it. This year tho its a different story altogether. PES has rediscovered its shooting boots and boy does it mean business. I remember the old PES games, you know, the good ones. How you couldnt turn sharp without slowing right down and at first I found this quite annoying. However once you came to terms with the way PES played, it felt so natural. The new game is just like that. First match after years of fifa and you will think it feels slow and not very fluid. 4-5 matches in however and its a different story. The passing is slick, the movement is great and feels like the old pes games but better. And the big one for me is the insane shooting has finally returned. It never feels silly to smash a 30 yard rocket into the top corner on PES, fifa goals always feel a bit floaty or weightless to me. You hit the ball on PES and it looks as tho the keeper has a ball of cement coming at him at times. And Just like the old game, where the shots almost left the camera behind.

    Soo excited for this new game, I can finally say it… PES IS BACK!

  • Liam

    ok played the fifa demo tonight and was not convinced at all, it has improved but there is parts of fifa 12 in there lol wtf when the match ends, what the hell is wrong with EA must be lazy year, anyway fifa 14 is an upgrade from fifa 12 and fifa 13 so I wont be buying it pes looks stunning have to say fifa graphics are creepy and does not look at all realistic looks like a cartoon,,, and still did not change so its pes all round,,, anybody for a game of pes ?

    • nfl

      i know its early days but i must laugh last night had quick go on fifa 14 demo and as i went to kick off and pass back. one of my player were still stretching/touching his toes as the ball was rolling to his feet. i think even the players are giving up. lol. do you have xbox or ps3 liam.

  • jules

    Pes seamed more difficult to play this year especially turning and dribbling, however 10 games in its brilliant they seem to have rediscovered the old pes magic. Fifa is a great game as ever but it just lacks something about football that pea has. So I’m pes this year with or without my mate’s following.

    • nfl

      I agree. Im not sure exactly. I always played pes on ps1 ps2 upto the awful xbox 360 2008 version. Then i stopped and got into fia every year i quickly looked and was disapointed. However this i like. Its the weight of the ball shooting etc i think. But i like fifa too. Im not exactly sure but i feel in some ways i like fluid fifa. But theres something i feel pes has that fifa lacks. Strange.