Lenovo Vibe X Android-powered smartphone

By Peter Chubb - Sep 11, 2013

Many of you will already know that Lenovo is a big deal in the notebook market, but not so when it comes to smartphones, and so they hope to change this perception with the launch of the Lenovo Vibe X Android-powered smartphone.

The Lenovo Vibe X is their high-end smartphone, although looking at some of the specs it is not exactly what we would call top-tier. You’ll notice in the Lenovo Vibe X review video that the device is incredibly thin and easy to handle, which is pretty good for a 5-inch device.

Looking at the overall design we are very impressed, but it is still those specs we are concerned about because how many high-end cameras do you know that come with a 5-megapxel camera?

In the review it is pointed out that the Vibe X comes with some nice features, such as different app icons on the home page, along with some other nice features.

Going back to the Lenovo Vibe X, we get a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, Full HD resolution, which is a high-end display, 16GB storage and 2GB of RAM, and so it is clear that this handset falls short. Having said that, we do not believe the Lenovo Vibe X will release in the US or Europe, so looks set to be an Asian handset.

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