iOS 7 GM fixes iPhone 5, 4S apps crashing

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 11, 2013

Now that iOS 7 Gold Master is available for developers to download we asked our in-house developer about the problems with apps crashing on iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. He had been testing iOS 7 beta 6 for a while with Product Reviews apps and everything looked great, but app crashing and freezing had become a problem with native apps like Messages.

Randomly a text message would crash the iPhone 5, or 4S, and every time you entered Messages it would crash right away. This meant the only way to fix was to delete that text message, so it would be interesting to see how iOS 7 GM performs with a number of native and 3rd party apps.

iOS 7 GM fixes problems – the above mentioned problem seems to have been fixed, according to our developer, and we know a number of our readers also commented on this issue. “I cannot get into my messages in iOS 7 beta 6 thanks to it crashing on every open, and Google Plus app crashes along with Instagram”, said one of Product Reviews readers.

We also heard back in relation to Google Plus performance and it runs a lot better with no crashing experienced, although we cannot confirm if the same is for the Instagram app on iOS 7 Gold Master.

It is also true that some problems might need a fix from the app developers themselves, or the fact that some people might not have any problems at all and these are just isolated cases.

Do you still see problems with iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S after installing the iOS 7 GM download? Apps can now be submitted to Apple for iOS 7, and this includes those using APIs for the new iPhone 5S features. It will be interesting to see what apps release that take advantage of these new iOS 7 APIs evident in the GM build, which also includes the ability to use the iPhone 5S M7 motion coprocessor.

It is worth noting developers needed to download iOS 7 GM through the developer portal and not Over-the-Air this time.

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  • Mosh

    I’ve upgraded to iOs 7.0.2 and I still cannot delete text messages. When I push the text bubble the window is crashing and disappear…no option of “Copy/More…”
    Text messages app. is crashing immediately. please help…(iPhone 4S). TNX

  • JayC

    Apple calls this an “upgrade”? Seriously ugly graphics, poor functionality, excessive battery usage! Horrible!

  • HowYerDurrin


  • Guy

    TextPlus glitched my screen then crashed.

  • Joseph W. Sarnecky

    Under the Golden Master, my iTunes Store is crashing worse than it did in beta 5!

    • Scott

      I have the same issue. iTunes Store won’t launch at all.

      • Joseph W. Sarnecky

        I have an iPhone 5. Today I went and backed up my iPhone to the cloud and did a refresh install from the backup. Now all the iTunes Store does is continually load but at least it’s not crashing now

  • cameron

    instagram wont load anything and it crashes still!!!!!!!!!

    • Jaden

      I’m having the same problem and it sucks!!

  • Kevin

    I’d like to ask any devs if the 3G has been added to control centre as I know in the last beta it hadn’t just hoping it has in the gm, thanks

    • Kevin

      Oops sorry it won’t let me delete the question, should have looked on YouTube in first place 🙁 no it hasn’t damn you apple lol