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iOS 7 apps designed for iPhone 5S

With the release of iOS 7 now a week away Apple has seen fit to make the GM version available to developers, and as such has now asked them to develop their iOS 7 apps. Millions of iPhone users will not care about the new iPhone 5S because they believe iOS 7 will make their current device more like a new phone, and they would be correct.

There are so many new features and a complete design overhaul to make your iPhone 5 and other versions look and react differently when compared to iOS 6. However, to help get the most from iOS 7 you will need more than just the baked-in apps, and so devs need to get working on updating their apps.

Apple asks that devs download and install iOS 7 GM SDK and Xcode 5, which can be done via the iOS Dev Center. While we cannot wait to see how the apps will look on current-gen iPhones, we are more excited about the iPhone 5S.

We say this because the iPhone 5S comes with the new A7 chip with 64-bit, much like you get on computers. This means faster gaming with improved graphics, although there could be a downside to this, which we will discuss another time.

iOS 7 compatibility – As always not all iOS 7 devices will be able to run iOS 7, and those that do will not be able to make use of all the new features, so we ask you to have a look at this iOS 7 compatibility chart.



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