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Call of Duty Ghosts graphics from space missions

You have now witnessed what Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer gameplay looks like, but now Infinity Ward and Activision are giving you a welcome reminder of the diversity that the single-player campaign will offer. A new trailer has been unleashed, confirming space missions in the game for the first time.

Call of Duty Ghosts is set for a release on November 5, which as we told you just hours ago is the same date that Eminem’s new album releases, resulting in a partnership between the rapper and Activision.

While the game is out on November 5, we have a feeling that most of you may be willing to skip the current-gen version in favor of waiting for the next-gen copy instead on Xbox One and PS4 – with Ghosts being available on the same day as the respective console launches.

This latest trailer for the game gives an extended look at the single-player campaign and kicks-off with some juicy footage showing one of the missions that takes place in space. We’ve seen a lot of complaints on the graphics being too similar to Black Ops 2, but we think the game is looking good in the graphics department based on this new preview.

What a handsome chap
What a handsome chap

Later on in the video we get a glimpse of a scene reminiscent of Top Gun, plus there’s even an ‘AI deer’ thrown in there as well, continuing the joke from Infinity Ward’s infamous comments on the AI fish in the game.

If you have enjoyed the single-player campaigns in previous Call of Duty games, it looks like you are going to be in for a treat with Ghosts – Infinity Ward really looks to have created a much more compelling and intense experience for fans, which is vital to counter the complaints that the franchise has just become a multiplayer game.



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