BBM for Android warnings persist

By Alan Ng - Sep 11, 2013

The wait for the BBM release date on Android and iOS must be agonizing for fans. It’s bad enough waiting around after an expected Summer release, but the mood is unlikely to be helped with the circulation of fake BBM for Android apps – decided to spam and dupe users to take advantage of the delay.

BlackBerry are yet to provide an official status on the whereabouts of BBM for Android and unfortunately this is having a negative affect on pirate activity on the Google Play store. Several fake BBM Android apps are currently doing the rounds, one of which was recently labelled ‘BlackBerry Messenger BBM by BlackBerry Social’.

The team over at BlackBerry may be looking to generate further hype as users patiently wait for the BBM download to become available, but we do start to think that an announcement or at least a release status should be made before the end of the week.

This latest fake BBM for Android app is unlikely to be the last the longer the wait goes on, and BlackBerry won’t want to get a bad reputation by leaving it too long after originally promising a Summer launch.

Have you been fooled by a fake BBM app on Android?

Have you been fooled by a fake BBM app on Android?

When it finally does arrive, don’t forget it will be a free download both on Android and iOS – so make sure you stay clear of any dubious apps which ask for a download fee.

How patient are you when it comes to waiting for highly anticipated apps? Are you prepared to give BlackBerry as long as it takes as you know the wait will be worth it, or are you starting to get a little frustrated with the silent tactics?

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  • apel_pagi

    i’m use to be a BB user, before moving to iPhone. and i think BB10 is a great os by BB, so i hope the BBM on other platform will be as nice as BB10 os. but like always bb, to much hype but taking too long to release.

  • Danny

    I don’t think you people understand how difficult these programs are to write and test. It’s not blackberry a fault. They have limited resources and are at the mercy of their competitors to approve the product for their stores. Ape is in no hurry. They enjoy seeing BBRY fans get angry. BB10 is a good product as are the new phones, I have no doubt NBM will be too.

    • apel_pagi

      if they are not ready yet, don’t give hope to their own fans. learn from past mistakes,. like the launch of ‘Playbook’ to much hype as “iPad killer” and expectation but taking too long to release so DOA.. BB10, i think its a great new OS from bb, but like playbook, a little too late.

  • Maverick

    The wait already killed a part of me, owing to the frequency of every single day when I check for any update. It’s really frustrating. The wait should be worth it, otherwise I’ll be done woth blackberry once and for all.

    • Maverick


  • phill

    its doing no good for blackberry who is already suffering !

  • Ru82

    Blackberry always leaves things for to long. They waited to long to release the Z10 which cause them to loose a lot of loyal support. Now they are once again taking their time releasing BBM. Getting very frustrated.

  • ………..

    Waiting is killing me… starting to lose interest …. hurry up or you will lose support …..

  • gaurav

    Too frustrated, don’t even feel like installing now

    • Matthew Apostolou

      Absolutely! More and more of us are feeling this way as each day passes :/