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Xbox Music vs. Spotify on iPhone 5 with iOS 7

If you have been debating which of the Xbox Music or Spotify app you would rather use, then we have come across a review comparing the both on the iPhone 5 running iOS 7, albeit a beta version. Microsoft wants to compete with Spotify, but have they done enough to convince you to jump ship?

Things do not get off to a good start because there seems to be a glitch with the Xbox Music app, although this could be an iOS 7 beta issue. Some of you will be wondering when does iOS 7 come out, and we can tell you that the Gold Master version should be right after the Apple event later today, with the public release Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

Having said that, it started to work fine once the app was forced closed. The first test is looking at how they display their search results and you can clearly see a huge difference.

Both offer a biography of the artist you searched for and their latest music, along with their songs. When you click on one of the albums Xbox Music gives you larger album art than Spotify. Both give you options, such a shuffle, add to play list, Star, share and go to artist, Xbox Music also allows you to share it with other devices.

One issue you will find with Xbox Music is no ability to play music offline, which could be a huge issue, although this should be resolved in a few months time. The user interface of both apps look very similar, although you cannot skip through the track on Xbox Music. However, this could just be down to using the free version, and so the paid version could be a little different?

We invite you to watch the entire Xbox Music vs. Spotify on iPhone 5 with iOS 7 video to help make up your own mind.



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