Tesla clarify Supercharger Europe rollout in video

We already knew the Tesla Model S was coming to Europe, but more specifically Norway first, and so it comes as no surprise that last month Tesla’s Supercharger network appeared in Norway first to help support these new electric vehicles.

The new Superchargers were powered up in several parts of the country, which you can see the Tesla Supercharger Europe location map below. This means if you do use a Model S in Norway you can feel safe in the knowledge that you will come across one of these power points as you travel across the country.

Most of the major roads connecting the major cities of Norway now has a powered up Supercharger, allowing Model S owners free motoring.

More Tesla Supercharger locations have begun to appear in Europe, where we detailed the map for you a few days ago. However, back then we did not have a detailed map of those locations in Norway, and so the video below helps to clarify this in more detail.

Tesla's Supercharger network map in Norway
Tesla’s Supercharger network map in Norway

There has been a lot of interest in Tesla over the past year or so, and we have already heard people of Germany, Romania, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world all hoping to get the Tesla Model S and the Supercharger network to help support these EVs.

Tesla Motors has had to face some huge hurdles getting to this stage, and while it is sad, we have to remember that gasoline cars faced these same hurdles all those years ago.

At the end of the day it is hard for people and industries to change their perception, but at least we are now moving in the right direction, even though it is at a slower pace than we would like.



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