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Pokemon X and Y Super training with Magneton

We have some further good news to share with Pokemon X and Y fanatics now. After the amazing news about mega evolutions for the three original Kanto starters, we can now confirm that Pokemon X and Y will feature a special mini game as part of Pokemon X and Y super training, on top of the main campaign in a bid to catch em’ all.

It appears that this mini game is going to be very beneficial to all Pokemon trainers as well, since we are hearing that participating will allow you to boost the stats of a particular Pokemon – with significant increases.

As usual, the latest episode of Japanese show Pokemon Smash contained a brief segment on new Pokemon X and Y content. This time, it was teasing this mini game and revealed that it would involve players using the touchscreen to throw balls at Magneton.

Details are still at a bare minimum at this stage, but we understand that players will have to throw balls at Magneton, whilst trying to avoid balls yourself and with your Pokemon of choice sitting on a platform waiting for the results.

This little chap could make a big difference to your Pokemon's stats.
This little chap could make a big difference to your Pokemon’s stats.

As shown on Pokemon Smash, we saw a +8 stat increase to the Pokemon’s Special Attack stat, so it’s clear that this game is going to be very worthwhile to players. Hopefully we’ll get some clearer details in English, so we can bring you a full breakdown soon.

What are your thoughts on this method of super training? What other mini-games would you like to see in Pokemon X and Y?



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