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Infinity Blade 3 with iPhone 5S 64 bit graphics

The Apple event is almost coming to a close but there were some great things to take away from the event, and one of them was the not so surprising iPhone 5S. While we may have already known that it was to come with the A7 chip and a fingerprint sensor, there was something else that we missed during the weeks of its build-up.

During gaming app demo we learned that iPhone 5S has 64 bit graphics, which looked rather awesome with Infinity Blade 3. The new 64 bit graphics has been built into the A7 chip, and is the first of its kind for a mobile device.

This is such a huge deal for the smartphone market, something we can remember when there was the transition from 32 bit to 64 bit in the PC world. All apps being developed will now be 64-bit optimized for the iPhone 5S, which means that they should be much faster.

Infinity Blade 3 showcased on the new iPhone 5S
Infinity Blade 3 showcased on the new iPhone 5S

It will certainly be interesting to see how this new architecture plays out against quad-core devices on those other platforms?

The iPhone 5S gets 64 bit graphics
The iPhone 5S gets 64 bit graphics

It is not just the iPhone 5S that is 64 bit, iOS 7 is as well, which is why this will be just like the PC transition on Windows all those years ago. Although we said that all apps will be 64-bit, that’s just those baked into iOS 7, so the new software will keep supporting 32 bit apps as well.

With the Apple iPhone 5S release date being on September 20, just like we predicted, this should also be the date when Infinity Blade 3 becomes available.



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