GTA V online deal with Tesco

If you live in the UK and are yet to pre-order GTA V, we may have found the best online offer for you ahead of the highly anticipated September 17 launch date. We told you about midnight launches in a previous report here, but it looks like Tesco is the place to buy if you are going to order the game online.

Tesco has a history of beating their rivals to the punch, although usually we see Tesco flexing their muscles with in-store incentives. Now though, we can tell you that a good deal is available for GTA V direct from Tesco’s online website.

The game is currently listed for Xbox 360 and PS3 at the already great price of £39.99. However, we have found an online coupon for you to use: simply type in TD-GL4Q upon checkout and you should get a further £5 discount to pick up the game for a bargain price of £34.99.

Enter the magic code and you shall receive..
Enter the magic code and you shall receive..

For arguably the biggest and best game of 2013, that is an unbeatable price we have to say and you will do well to find a better price throughout the UK anywhere – either online or at walk-in retail stores. We’re unsure as to how long this code will be valid for, but hundreds of gamers have already confirmed via Twitter that the code worked for them.

With just days to go until the big day, tell us how you ordered GTA V and how much you paid for the game in the end. Have you already devised a plan to take a day off from school or work to enjoy an extended session on launch day?



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