FIFA 14 PS3 demo release time delay after Xbox 360

By Alan Ng - Sep 10, 2013

FIFA 14 fans on PC are going to be very happy at the moment. Just like last year, EA has decided to release the FIFA 14 demo first on PC, with the release time for the PS3 and Xbox 360 demos still pending. Unfortunately, we can also confirm another trend from last year – PS3 users will receive the FIFA 14 demo last.

EA has now sent out a series of Tweets, confirming some vital information for console owners who are frantically refreshing the respective Xbox Live and PSN marketplaces in the hope of the demo magically appearing.

If you are an Xbox 360 owner in the UK, you’ll want to head to the Marketplace within the next few hours. This is because EA has just confirmed that the FIFA 14 demo will go live from 10am UK time onwards, appearing on the store before 2pm UK time.

PS3 users have again been handed the short straw though. We told you last year that there would be an extended wait for the FIFA 13 demo, and EA are again playing the same game with the FIFA 14 demo. A Tweet now confirms that PS3 users will see the demo appear during the early hours of Wednesday, between 1am and 3am.

It is obviously very frustrating for those who wanted to play the game during Tuesday like everyone else, but you’ll have to hold on just a little longer. On the demo itself, you’ll have the option of picking either Man City, Barcelona, New York Red Bulls, Spurs, PSG, Milan, Dortmund or Boca Juniors.

PS3 fans, what do you think of the release time delay for the FIFA 14 demo? Same as last year – are you disappointed?

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  • Nick

    looks like ill only have to wait till 5pm in california to get it on the ps3

  • Rom

    frustrated? going to explode…i downloaded the PC demo but sucks. mouse and keybored aint my thing- tried the monojoy+ps3 joystick…crashes and faults so had to take it off…so now i either play with mouse and keybored…or wait….i can understand why 360 people get it first tho, poor guys will run to maintenance soon, them consoles cant survive for 1 week without breaking lol.

    10 hrs to go !

    • Deavon Sprason

      haha i had a xbox for 4 years n not broke n my new 1 i got no is like a year old so 1 week is perfetic comment from u u clearly no nothing about it so keep u mouth shut you imature rat

    • Lee Chapman

      typical playstation fan boy face it xbox 360 smashes the playstation 3 in every aspect.
      you are jelous because yet again microsoft are looking after their customers more. I had a ps3 for first 3 years of its release and now have had my xbox for over a year and the xbox is LEAGUES better. coming from somebody that has had both i think i know what i am talking about.

      • yolo

        xbox doesn’t treat customers betterthey just have bought loads of timed exclusives to hide all their faults