Confirmed: iPhone 5S features beefed-up security

By Peter Chubb - Sep 10, 2013

There has been a great deal of speculation as to what Apple will call the next iPhone, and what the handsets new features will be. However, we pretty much knew its name, and as for the features, some of those have been known to us as well, although it has been based on guesswork and leaks.

However, if we are to believe a WSJ article then they have pretty much confirmed the iPhone 5S features, or one of them anyway. The iPhone 5S features beefed-up security thanks to the new home button that we recently spoke of, which comes with fingerprint scanner technology.

Over the years smartphone crime has increased, and so the likes of Apple has been asked to take steps to try and reduce iPhone crime, and the new fingerprint scanner looks like one way to achieve this goal because it will do away with the need for a password and replace this with the user having to use their fingerprint for authentication instead.

The Wall Street Journal has confirmed this new feature and they are almost always right, and it is for this reason why they now believe Apple is about to set a new standard and we will soon see Android smartphones using similar technology, with one of them expected to be later this year.

In the past such fingerprint scanners have been unreliable, we have seen this over the years with laptops etc. However, technology has moved on since and is now more reliable. Okay, so we know some of you will have reservations about storing your fingerprint on your device, but it is far more secure than a simple password.

WSJ is uncertain if Apple will allow outside developers to make use of the fingerprint scanner, so as yet we do not know if third-party apps will be able to make use of this latest security feature.

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  • Dt Bell

    Whoohoo that IS a killer feature..this is your lead?
    I’m betting it has…(wait for it) a battery too.