Call of Duty Ghosts perfect for Eminem fans

If you thought that Eminem’s appearance in the recent Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer trailer was the end of his partnership with Activision, think again. We now have confirmation that the two will continue to work together, with those pre-ordering the game now able to receive a discount from Eminem’s next album release.

The rapper’s next release is quite a notable one as well. He is releasing a follow up to the album that first made him a mainstream name. The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is going to be releasing on the same date as Call of Duty Ghosts, and now Activision has wasted no time in offering up an incentive for those yet to pre-order the game.

Even better, it looks like a rare occasion where it won’t be tied to any sort of exclusive deals with the Xbox 360 or Xbox One version of the game. Simply pre-order Ghosts now and you’ll receive an online code to purchase The Marshall Mathers LP 2 at a special discounted price of $8.99.

Slim shady making another return soon
Slim shady making another return soon

The album will feature tracks such as Berserk and also Survival which was picked to show off Ghosts multiplayer for the very first time. The only downside that we can see to this, is that it could be a US only-offer and valid through GamesStop pre-orders only.

Are you a fan of Eminem’s music? The next album could be something special indeed if you enjoy hip hop and it’s a perfect incentive if you were planning to pick up Call of Duty Ghosts regardless.



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