BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera vs. GH3, 70D and RX100

By Peter Chubb - Sep 10, 2013

It was just last week when we covered the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera review, but we thought another visit was needed because it seemed right to see how the camera gets on when pitted with three other cameras in the same sort of area.

The cameras that will be put up against the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera are the Canon 70D, Panasonic GH3 and the Sony RX100, and it is the hope this video will offer a true representation of how the BlackMagic can cope when put up against some heavy hitters.

In the video we will see some clips of a minute or so of each camera to see how they compare against each other shot-for-shot. However, we are warned the results from the other three will look punchy, sharp and very lively, whereas the BlackMagic will have much more detail giving you more from the footage.

The BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera shootout with the GH3, 70D and RX100

The BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera shootout with the GH3, 70D and RX100

Having looked over the video footage some of you will notice a calibration issue and so Blunty, the reviewer, has been asked to send his test unit back. It is his hope that the white orb issue will be resolved.

The colors on the three other cameras do seem nice and vivid, but the Blackmagic makes up for this shortfall with its rather impressive dynamic range. Those of you with sharp eyes will notice how the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera is able to produce shadows on a sunny day and not just black space as we see with so many other cameras.

We understand some of you did not expect the BMPCC to perform so well up against the GH3, 70D and the RX100, and for those who do not believe the results then watch it for yourself below.

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  • dotto

    well even with grading to come I’d go with the RX100…cheaper and truly is a pocket camera…the add on for BMPC would push it over $2K for cards, batteries, len’s, etc

  • Yirmin

    Hmmm… what was the lens used on the Blackmagic, because the level of detail sucked. I’m hoping it was because the lens just wasn’t that good, otherwise I have seen enough to not want one anymore. The level of missing detail in some shots was disturbing as I expected it to be very closing as all the cameras were shooting 1080…

  • Flabasha

    What’s crazy about that shot at 5:00 is what’s happening to that back building on the BMPCC?! Complete loss of detail in a way I’ve never seen before. Almost like an extreme posterization. I’d take the blown out sky of the Sony over that image corruption any day. Then again, I’ve never seen anything like it on all the BMPCC footage I’ve seen, so who knows what that is…

  • ebo_seagrave

    Man, the Sony really crumbles at ~ 5:00. I suppose you could have exposed for those cages up in the sky but the rest of the image would have been unusable (except for kids’ soccer games, etc.). The 70D is moire-city. Unusable. GH3 help up well. But I think the BMPCC really takes the cake here, especially considering the footage isn’t even sharpened or graded. In post, the ProRes footage should be a delight to work with…