RoboCop 2014 remake tempts PS4, Xbox One game

By Alan Ng - Sep 9, 2013

If you grew up during the 90’s and are a fan of action movies, one of the classics during this period is undoubtedly Robocop. Fans of this movie should already know that a Robocop 2014 remake is on the way and a recent new trailer recently actually looks very good.

With this in mind, we couldn’t help but switch our attention to a possible new Robocop game, based on the remake. We know that the film is out in February 2014, so we wonder if there are any plans for a developer to come in and make a game on PS4 or Xbox One to coincide with the film.

It goes without saying that a Robocop game done well would be one of the most awesome prospects of 2014. We can think of a few developers that could come in and do a fantastic job on the game – Rocksteady are one studio that springs to mind.

But what about keeping with the darker theme and drafting in Hitman Absolution developers IO Interactive as well? – lots of possibilities to think about.

Remember this blast from the past?

Remember this blast from the past?

At the moment, it’s obviously very early days and there’s no guarantee that a new Rococop game for 2014 will even release with the movie. We hope it does though as Robocop Vs Terminator remains the finest game from the franchise that we can remember and that needs to change.

Are you a big Robocop fan? If so, let us know if you would like to see a remake next year on PS4, Xbox One and which developer you would like to handle the game.

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  • Darren Harris

    Yeah get people like rockstar to make it and remake the old one in h.d and make it a bouns game or something.



  • cripper

    robocop the coin op was the best arcade game EVER