Nissan NISMO watch concept

Since the release of the Pebble smartwatch other companies have been looking to get in on the action, with Samsung and Apple being two of them. Samsung has already shown their hand with Galaxy Gear, which was unveiled last week during their IFA keynote, but as yet we have not heard anything from their rival.

However, we are now hearing of another company getting in on the newly created smartwatch market, and that is Nissan – yes you read that correctly. The Nissan Nismo concept watch will be the first device of its kind to connect a driver to the car, although this will only be used in the Nissan Nismo cars, so should be ideal for use in the Juke Nismo, which we recently discussed.

The new watch got its big debut ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show, which is when it will get even more media coverage. During the event you will get to see how the watch will monitor many aspects of the car and driver, such as average speed and fuel consumption analyses, telematics and performance data for your vehicle while on a racetrack and biometric data of the driver, all of which is transferred via Bluetooth.

In the videos below we get to see more of the Nissan Nismo concept watch, and we have to say the design is rather futuristic, and so we would expect to see the design change a little once released to the public.

The Nismo Watch Concept connects driver and car
The Nismo Watch Concept connects driver and car

The videos also goes over some of the key features of the watch and no doubt this will be the first of many car manufacturers to create such technology, as it is clear there is a market for this sort of thing.

As yet there is no clue in regard to the Nissan NISMO watch concept release date or price, but we should learn more soon.



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