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New iPhone 5S home button render

With just one day to go before Apple’s event tomorrow we thought you might be interested in a new iPhone 5S home button render, as seen in the video below. Having already seen a multitude of images in the build-up to the event, we have now seen new images that seem to show a strange ring around the home button.

If this is a true representation of the iPhone 5S, then the ring can only mean one thing, and that is the fingerprint sensor, and would be the reason why we see silver rings appear on the Apple invites that went out a few days ago.

The renders in the video have been made up of what has been seen of the rumored iPhone 5S box, although it is hard to tell if it will be flush or raised, and if it will be made from metal or glows.

While it would be easy to fake the box of the iPhone, there seems to be too much evidence proving otherwise.

We are sure that a fingerprint scanner built into the next iPhone will not be welcome by all because some of you will believe this will be yet another way for the Government to keep an eye on you, as they could gain access to your fingerprint that Apple will no doubt store.

However, this could just be stored in your phone, but will know more tomorrow during the event – if this will be a feature on the iPhone 5S that is.

It will be interesting to see how the tech will work, but it is clear this could be another one of those gimmicky features that we enjoy using for a while, and then become bored with it over time, just like Siri for us then.



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