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LG G Pad features in focus, meet Q-Pair

Having already offered you a hands-on with the LG G Pad, and a comparison to the 2013 Nexus 7, we thought we would now take a look at one of the key LG G Pad features, which is Q-Pair.

The LG G Pad Q-Pair feature is an enhancement that allows you to seamlessly pair to your LG smartphone, as well as other brands of phones. This means that what shows up on the phone will show on the tablet, well that’s what we think the guy said in the video because he seems to have carried on filming, even though we could hardly hear him talk because of the voice of a woman over the PA system.

We were hoping to see the calling and text message functionality using Q-pair, but he was unable to do so at the time of making the video during IFA last week.

However, we are shown how Q-Pair works, which is very simple because you just need to flick the virtual switch at the top when you open the option up.

LG G Pad features a new enhancement called Q-Pair functionality
LG G Pad features a new enhancement called Q-Pair functionality

Once connected you will then see several notifications appear below your paired device, which is done via Bluetooth. You are then shown a demo of how each feature works, along with changing some of the call and text message settings that will appear on the tablet when you are unable to reach your phone in time.

There is a quick demo of some of the other Q-Pair features, which will come in handy if you do have the LG G2 and other smartphones, although the LG G2 will always be the better device to pair to because we would presume it to be a more seamless interaction between the two.

Do you believe G-Pair is a worthwhile features of the LG G Pad?



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