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iOS 7 GM verses public release

There has been a great deal of confusion when it comes to the iOS 7 GM and public release, and so we thought we would try and explain things for you in the hope that some of you will finally be able to understand the difference.

iOS 7 GM verses public release – There has been growing speculation that the iOS 7 download for the public release will go live tomorrow, but this is wrong. We say this because tomorrow will be when iOS 7 GM is most likely to be made available for developers instead.

As for the public release of iOS 7, we believe this will go live on September 18, which is 8 days after tomorrow’s Apple event, although the 17th or 19th are strong possibilities as well – but we believe the 18th is the most likely.

We cannot understand why some people would be getting confused and assume iOS 7 public release will happen tomorrow because you only have to look at previous versions of Apple’s mobile OS to see a release pattern.

Going back to last year iOS 6 Gold master was released on September 12, the same day as the iPhone 5 event and the public release version a week later on Sept 19, 2012.

As for iOS 5 GM, this was made available for devs to download on October 4, with the public release 8 days later on the 12th. This shows a pattern of 7 to 8 days later between the Gold Master and public release, and so there is no reason why people should get confused and expect to be able to download the public release of iOS 7 tomorrow after the iPhone event.

Speaking of the event, we have details on worldwide start times, along with the live video stream for those of you with an Apple TV.



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