iOS 7 compatibility chart plus AirDrop clarification

By Peter Chubb - Sep 9, 2013

One thing we do know for certain about tomorrow, we will get to see more iOS 7 features, along with that all-important public release date. However, one thing will be playing on your mind, and that is what devices will iOS 7 be compatible with.

We have included an iOS 7 compatibility chart for you below that will be able to receive this much-needed update once it goes live, which could be one of these dates.

The iPhones that will be able to support iOS 7 are the iPhone 4, 4s and iPhone 5, along with the upcoming model/models as well. Only the iPod touch 5th generation will be able to support iOS 7, as well as the iPad 2, 4 and the iPad mini.

We already knew that AirDrop would be one of the many new features of iOS 7, so we thought some clarification was needed. We can tell you that not all iOS 7 features will work on all models of the iPhone listed above. Only the iPhone 5 will support AirDrop, along with the rumored iPhone 5S and possibly the 5C as well.

iOS 7 will be compatible with the following devices

iOS 7 will be compatible with the following devices

It is understandable that some people would have been confused and assumed that AirDrop would be coming to the iPhone 4 and 4S as well, but we thought you would like clarification ahead of tomorrow’s event.

This is a huge disappointment because this was a feature iPhone 4 and 4S owners were looking forward to using, although Apple could change things at the last minute, but that is not looking very likely.

If you own one of the older iPhone models do you feel hard done by, and why do you think it is that Apple has left your device out? Apple will tell you that it is a performance issue, but then again the iPhone 4S can handle Siri, so why not AirDrop?

At the end of the day iOS 7 is meant to be a cleaner version, and so should not use as much RAM, but this does not seem to be the case if certain models will be missing some new key features.

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  • dav465

    I thought this point was well established. Airdrop will not work on devices iphone4s and before, ipad3 and before due to the HARDWARE limitation. The chip it has physically does not have that functionality.

    • dav465

      edit- wont work on ipad3 either.

  • Jonathan Nixon

    Boo bloody hoo for iPhone 4s users. Finally the penny might be dropping about Apple’s strategy to make us all buy a new phone every couple of years. Ask yourself, how much better than the original iPhone is the iPhone 5 in terms of user experience. Not a lot. Screen basically the same. Apps the same. Bit quicker, screen better, siri (useful). In 2 years your iPhone 4 will be useless because the app store won’t support ios 6. Start saving.

  • Vernon Tyer

    Tell me this. If Airdrop is used to send Files, Photos, and Contacts betweent iOS devices, apple is saying only the the iphone 5 will work. Because of the wifi and bluetooth in the other iphones, they how does Flicker do that same thing. It will work on my 4s and my wife’ 4.

    • Mathieu Cadet

      AirDrop doesn’t use “WiFi” in the traditional sense to transfer data. That’s why it requires for specific hardware capabilities to be present in the wireless chipset.

      The same situation occurred on the desktop Mac: when AirDrop was introduced on the Mac in 2011, many older Mac models weren’t able to support the feature.

      That’s said, with Apple, it’s always difficult to distinguish between actual hardware limitations and planned obsolescence.

      • Anonymous

        My iMac is from 2008, and I use AirDrop just fine.
        Simply run the terminal command
        “defaults write BrowseAllInterfaces 1 ”
        on both Macs you want AirDrop to connect to, and it will work.

        It also works on Hackintosh (OS X running on a PC)