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BBM app on iPhone 5, Android’s Galaxy S4

It will not be long before summer is behind us, which means BlackBerry had best get moving if they wish to deliver on the promise of the BBM app being released on Android and iOS. There is just a couple of week’s left, so still time for BlackBerry to make some sort of announcement.

We do know BBM will be released on those two platforms at the same time, which is good when you consider Android users normally have to wait a little longer than their iOS counterparts.

Some latest news does suggest that we do not have that long to wait, as the BBM app has been seen on the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S4 during a demo at the Toronto International Film Festival. Seeing BBM on the iPhone 5 and BlackBerry Messenger on the Galaxy S4 is surely proof an announcement is imminent?

BlackBerry OS were there during the event and said that it was all about the BBM4All launch, but there was still no mention of when it will become available to Android and iOS users.

However, we do have an idea, maybe BlackBerry is waiting for the release of iOS 7 first, as they need to make certain it is compatible with Apple’s latest mobile OS. While we do not know the iOS 7 release date, we expect it will be on September 18, although we will know for certain tomorrow during the Apple event.

Going back to the BBM app for the other platforms, we are told that it was running on the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S4 smoothly, which is yet another signthe launch will be soon. It would have been nice to see some video footage of BMM running on those two devices, but we will just have to use our imagination for now.



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