Apple’s iPhone 5S keynote live video stream

We are just hours away from the inevitable unveiling of the iPhone 5S and 5C, two products that Apple will hope will entice consumers to choose iOS over the growing Android army. For those of you who are looking for an iPhone 5S keynote live video stream, it looks like there will be several options available to watch a live video stream as it happens on stage.

Following tradition as Apple so often likes to do, the iPhone 5S event will be commencing this Tuesday at 10am Pacific Time. That is 1pm for those on Eastern time, 6pm for our readers in the UK and the early hours of the morning for our friends in the Far East who are planning to stay up to tune in.

If you have Apple TV at the ready, you should be able to watch Apple’s live keynote event streamed right through to your television. The company has offered a live video stream via Apple TV in the past but failing that, there will also be an opportunity to watch live on Apple’s website for those with a Mac computer.

Considering Apple has offered events such as WWDC live on Apple TV, there’s a very good chance that the September 10 event to unveil the iPhone 5S and 5C will be available as well.

Will we see two more devices added to this group?
Will we see two more devices added to this group?

Apple traditionally stays silent on the availability of live streams, but hopefully we’ll have confirmation closer to the event tomorrow.

Are you confident that a live stream will be available on Apple TV? Do you agree that there is less buzz this time around, compared to previous iPhone launches?



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