iPod touch 6G release improbable

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 8, 2013

There are a number of things we know about the next Apple event on Sept 10, but it is still possible for Apple to surprise everyone with a new product or service, although an iPod touch 6G release date is unlikely to happen this year. The 5th generation took thinness and bright colors a step further at the same time as closing the gap between iPhone and Apple’s portable media player.

The days of a yearly update have long past and ended with the 2009 edition. Since then we have seen a two yearly cycle with the latest update taking place just under a year ago, so expecting a 6th generation iPod touch in 2013 would go against the pattern spanning the last 4 years.

In fact, there are those that feel the 2-year refresh might not happen with iPod touch 6G. The iPhone 5C could change everything and some people might opt for a cheap iPhone that does everything the iPod touch 6G would.

This viewpoint might suit thousands of people when considering the price of a potential iPod touch 6G vs. iPhone 5C, but there is an equal number that would prefer a dedicated media player to an iPhone any day.

One Product Reviews explained, “The iPod touch is extremely valuable to the younger generation and entry into the Apple ecosystem”. Another added, “the iPhone 5C might launch at a lower price, but it will never match the price point of a potential iPod touch 6G that comes without a 2 year contract”.

It is also worth noting you will find a lot of iPod touch owners that love the device, but hate iPhone and would rather an Android phone. “I always take my iPod touch everywhere and for a phone I would rather have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3”, said one commenter.

What iPod touch 6G features would you need to upgrade when a launch date arrives? In our opinion, you will see a new iPod touch 6th generation at some point, but the release date will not be this year and rather at the end of 2014. This won’t stop thousands watching the Apple event on Tuesday hoping for an announcement for a new portable music and video player.

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  • ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz7

    Next year, I would like the iPod touch to have the following:

    – A7 chip (at least)
    – Touch ID (with colored steel to match the backing)
    – Better speakers
    – iPhone 5S quality 8MP camera with burst mode, slo-mo video
    – 2GB of RAM (although unlikely)

    • tommy

      No way dude
      that makes the ipod touch way to much like an iphone

  • harish

    unfortunately apple won’t be releasing a new iPod touch this year as they are following 2 year product cycle for IPod touch for the past 4 years but as a iPod touch lover, i’m expecting the following features in the next IPod touch (6g)
    1) iPhone 5s improved 8Mp rear camera
    2) iPhone 5s improved front camera
    3) Apple A7 processor with M7 coprocessor
    4) the display which the iPhone 6 will use as iPod touch 5 used iPhone 5 display, probably a 1280×768 resolution display with 4.3″ screen
    5) more audible audio loud speaker
    6) better battery backup
    7) True tone LED flash
    though i would love Touch ID senor to be there in next iPod touch but it’s understandable that apple may not include it in next iPod touch for cutting the cost of the device and keeping the device thin and light, which apple always does with iPod touches

  • Brandon M

    Will there be another Apple Keynote this year? Or will there be only two? I kept hearing that there wil be one in June, September, and October/November.

    • Brandon M

      Just testing

  • MirrorKey

    There are lot of parent who want to slowly ease their children into having cellphones. The iPod is a great first step, as you can still text using wifi, send emails, play games, and all with a one-time payment of 200-300$. You don’t get any dataplans with 5 strings attached, no running from one carrier to another, and generally less stress. Although the iPhone and iPod are coming super-close to merging into an iPhod (or something similar), you should always have the option to get an iDevice (other than an ipad) without a cell plan. If they plan to quit making iPods, they should at least allow buying an iPhone without a cellplan, so that it would act as an iPod.

  • Matt

    Sadly, you’re right. I sat there for a whole hour and a half anticipating a new iPod touch model when instead, apple decides to release some half-assed remastered iPhone 5 and put a C into its name. The only noteworthy appearances were the 5S (which actually is an upgrade) and the IOS 7 preview. They didn’t even mention the touch, but they had a whole segment on how ‘devoted’ they were to music. I find it strange and annoying, because next year they’re just going to release (if they even release) a ‘new’ iPod touch that will have outdated software/hardware that wont even compete with whatever new line of iPhone is being released beside it. Apple you’ve done it again.

  • Ren

    I still have and use the 1G 32GB iTouch and now waiting to possibly buy the 6thG iTouch.

    • ipod

      sounds like a major step for you 🙂

  • G Everett

    We need a 5-6″ Screen. Business users have been asking for this since we found the iPod. Yes, younger people are buyers too. But think how many lay the iPod on the night stand and leave the phone in hie living room or office. My self, Ido not find the iPhone all that useful, too much being devoted to the toy and game users. The IPod is a wonderful business and life support device. Apple should listen and expand it’s market.

  • G Everett

    IPod needs a larger screen. When will Apple

  • Wesley

    To be honest, the ipod touch is a rather important device for Apple, as mentioned by the commentator. Plus, if they do not release the 6G this year, people will not buy the 5g but wait for the 6g because hardware gets out dated easily. I don’t think apple will pas on a money making opportunity.